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Hello everyone, I hope many of you are having a wonderful Summer 2019. Today I will be talking about this wonderful company called getnamenecklace.com Getnamenecklace is a jewelry site where you can customize your jewelry in your own way whether is putting a name of your dogs, cats, hamsters or your best friend's name or just your name in a very cute fashionable way with a very high quality material for an awesome price. Each piece of the jewelry represent different types of meanings and I think that is a beautiful way to express something so personal and yet so meaningful and vulnerable to everyone. For example:  
                                      (Ring meaning
The ring we all knows that there the rings in the ring finger meaning 
taken/married but did you know in different fingers and colors has a different meaning? So I will definitely will be using my little finger or what I like to call my pinky so I can tell everyone that I’m single and that I use Tinder. For more information about the ring and their meaning you can click on this link to learn more. 

Engravable Sterling Silver Infinity Symbol Ring
Who doesn’t like anything that has an infinity? We all know that infinity is saying the words “I love you forever” and it just has a different synonyms word of infinity something that it will never end and it always going to be in this time and space till we become stardust.   
Personalized Men's DAD Ring Platinum Plated Silver
All rings does not have to be for women. Men wear rings too even during the Egypts time now for those who are looking for something meaningful and yet simple getnamenecklace.com sell rings for dad! A simple personalized ring engraved with the word dad and inside of the ring you add a beautiful short message for your dear father that I know he will treasure that ring

Personalized Stylish Name Necklace In Silver
Now going a little bit old school (early 2000’s) there was this trend where we all used to buy necklace with our name and I think we should bring it back? So now I think we can all buy this nice necklaces with our name or for our love one.
Double Heart Ring Engraved Monogram 18k Gold Plated
<a href="https://www.getnamenecklace.com/script-monogram-rings">monogram rings</a>
And last but not least ring where you can just add letter and you don’t have 

to give your full name but with a simple letter it can have a thousand meaning. In every image there is a link down below where you can easily click on them and buy them.

(This blogs has been sponsor by getnamenecklace.com)


I know it been awhile like a really long time. I've been quite busy with so many art projects for my art school, exam, and so on. Hopefully, I can finally end this hiatus till my semester start. I've been taking care of my mental health and so far I think it going great dint had a relapse for a month I've been reading some few books that I may end up writing a review. I'm glad that I started going to a psychiatrist every single week and she been helping a lot with my never-ending issues, not just the daddy issues but PTSD mostly (okay, I already had a PTSD way before hurricane Maria but let not talk about that one) several problems I've been dealing with so further ado this is what I've been doing lately.

I adopted a new kitten around 2-3 months ago his name is Lazarus I named him after one of the lyrics of Marylin Manson from The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles.

I managed to finish one of my biggest artwork inspired by Alphonse Mucha but I see my painting as an okay, my mom loves it so I gave it to her on mother's days. (it on my Instagram account)

I've been unsubscribing so many things especially makeup stuff and fashion. I've realized that those things doesn't make me happy sure I do love them but I don't need a new lipstick every single month same goes for new clothes. I'm trying to become more sustainable.

I faced one of my biggest fear of reconnecting with one of my family members and we both have a lot of things in common and I'm glad that we randomly met at a bar also I kinda came out to him so we both end up high-fiving each other because he was like "sameeeee".

I'm becoming a bit more open with my sexuality I'm not like a big fan of talking about it but I'm like pretty chill and I haven't received any backlash so far.

Jeffree Who? [review]

Hello, everyone!

I finally got the guts to purchased another lipstick brands that I had been highly recommended. So after who knows how long I've been thinking of purchasing I finally chose one and that is Jeffree Who? We all know the tea so I will be skipping that part you can do some quick research. The packaging is not a big deal so I will also be skipping that part.

I personally love, love, the applicator is really easy to apply you don't have to go back and forth to get that color with only one swipe and you're done. The tube is has a lot of product which is quite nice and the design is something so simple and yet it so Jeffree. I think the one that I have is a limited edition (Christmas edition?)

The color is a rosy pink it lasts very long which I'm surprised at a certain point where I ate a bit of greasy food and I still was intact I didn't have to reapply, same goes for working out, drinking and etc...I see myself purchasing more of his products hopefully I will try the eyeshadow palette and the liquid highlighter along with any upcoming products.

I will rate this product 5 out of 5

What I got on Christmas Day 2019

Hello, everyone happy holidays! I'm still on vacation till mid-January because well I'm still on the holiday. After New Year's Eve end we celebrate the three wise kings it basically another December 25 but on January 6 and yes we do get double presents. 

Here is what I got on the three wise kings day.

A pink rose gold sunglasses all my glasses are black so yeah a little change of color isn't going to harm me a bit.
A small gold bracelet. 
An agenda that say it's not easy being sexy in the Carribean. Side note does who don't know me I do live in the Carribean. 
A journal so I can just write anything. I'm currently using it as a diary.
A lemon and lime earrings handmade by Purpura I'm planning on getting one of the tostones!
A black stud purse which I completely love it. 
Karl Lagerfeld wallet which I also love it because hey, I like Karl and I adore cats!
Last but not least a membership of Adobe so I will have to get re-used to it again on using Illustrator, Photoshop and other application from Adobe in my new Macbook.

I'm looking forward to writing many new things and edit my photo a bit more professional so hopefully soon I will buy a new bamboo tablet and start doing digitals art again.

New Year Resolution 2019

2019 is finally here! We all go for the infamous quote "New year new me!" Which to be honest for me sounds like 360 degrees where nothing change. Things can change if we put effort into our goals one of my new year resolutions is to be more environmentally conscious and try to live plastic free as much as possible one of the small things I'm starting doing is using my reusable straw and my reusable bottle water. Working out a bit more so my other goal is to lose weight and that means once my class starts it means cutting my coffee take out and no longer finding excuses that I have no time making myself some coffee.

My other list new year resolution.
Save money (cross my heart and I hope to travel soon)
Get more sponsor (Hey, Lime Crime it me ya girl can ya sponsor me again?)
Read more books!
Master my drawing art skill especially in anatomy.
Master the French language and learn new ones
Harvest more things like basil, loofah, lettuces and so on...
Watch my coffee tree grow! Yes, I do have a small coffee tree and I don't know if it will give me coffee
Skate more!
Stress less. This year I was on too much stress to the point I went a bit crazy.
Finish my two projects with a good friend of mine
Art collaboration
And so on...There are many things I want to say but I may end up adding or change some few things on my list and that is totally okay I don't know what my future will hold but this year I know I will do my best on my things.

What your New Year resolution?