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My content is good

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In this age of social media we all want to have thousands of Instagram followers, a lot of PR packages and getting pay by uploading a post and reviewing products but what is the cost of lies? We all have some of our favorite Instagram models and YouTubers showing us their lavish lifestyle, influencing us on to buy this and that and to look a certain way and I'm not gonna lie I'm also influenced by many people I think we all do in a certain way.

But is it worth it? According to Business Insider, it is estimated that by 2022 the influencer marketing that many brands will be spending up to $15 billion on this industry. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well for me sounds interesting and I wish I was an influencer but I'm not willing to promote diet stuff. Now, I feel I'm getting a bit out of the track from here. So let me try and go back from what I'm saying.
When it comes to Influencers it's usually some super skinny good looking model promoting every single little thing from diet stuff, whitening your teeth, clothing, makeup and so on. Without many consequences but how bad they're influencing us if not the younger audience who are hitting their puberty? They have this privilege (at least my local Influencers are pretty much some Guaynabicha but that a whole another story) where they don't have to deal on working some full-time job or part-time earning $7.25
and being exploited. but all I have to say is that my content is good sure I don't really have millions of followers and ironically I'm a starving artist (no pun intended my fridge is pretty much empty but I'm surviving by eating greek yogurt and drinking oolong tea).

I'm assuming that some of you are asking "but Michelle aren't you rambling?" Well, I'm kinda am. I'm surviving because of freelance art commissions, sponsor post that you see on my blog, scholarship, and working as personal assistance on a company which I will not be naming but everything is something that I can not be described but in the end, it's worth it. I've read many posts from many small bloggers and their contents are good if not it's AMAZING but I do wish that some of them don't give up on blogging. It's a pressure of earning traffics and wishing on getting pay by writing even just for $20. All I can say my content is good because I do pour my time, my creativity, and my energy there is a time where I just feel burned out or simply I'm with many deadlines but I will always come back and who knows maybe someday my blog will be a hit and I can finally get myself the Christian Louboutin heels that I'm always dreaming and not caring how uncomfortable they're but at least I do get a side of commission so I can pay my Spotify account which is essential everyone knows I dislike commercials but hey, I don't know what you think about your blog and I do hope it's something positive and always say to yourself "my content is good" because hey being a blogger is not easy and we both know that so always love your blog because it's your baby and if there is something you don't like then change it think about in a Sims way which is the worst way to explain but you know what I mean. My content is good and I may not be a super hot skinny Instagram model but I do know is that thanks to my blog I got to meet many lovely bloggers and opportunity.

Custom-necklace: Gifting for your mother's

Hey everyone, we have another sponsored post by custom-necklace.com and on this post, I will be talking about why custom-necklace.com is one of the best places to buy jewelry where you can customize your own jewelry. 

Buying a necklace can be very meaningful and by customizing the necklace makes it 10x more special. Gifting a gift to your mother, grandma, aunt or anyone who has the maternal love is priceless because we know someone who is like a mama hen because, in the end, they’re one of the strongest women that we know that has unconditional love for all of us and that is why they deserve a gift where it is personal and meaningful for her. By purchasing custom-necklace.com you’re not just buying some necklace you’re hand-selecting each birthstone color, each necklace length, a special hidden message and so on. Here are the top three that I believe that this is the perfect gift for all our mother’s who have this endlessly love for everyone.  

This beautiful pendant you can do whatever you want adding beats, messages changing the lock into a heart lock and so on and the price is unbeatable for only $39.99 that just too good to be true. I personally think it’s a great gift of showing your mom how much you love her. 

Floating charm

The flowery Birthstones baby shoes are perfect when you and your siblings don’t know what to give to your mother. Well, thankfully custom-necklace got your back with The Flowery Birthstone Baby Shoes is perfect when you got two more siblings and wants to show their love for their mother and with that necklace adding each other birthstone plus engraving each of your names is a perfect gift for your mother.

Baby shoe charm

When you got more than two siblings you can purchase the Breathtaking Mother’s Birthstones Heart Necklace. You can add up to 6 birthstones plus each of your names you can customize in any way, you want! 

Mother's birthstone heart necklace

Personalized Birthstone Necklace for Mom

Can't decide which of the three necklaces you want to get her? Don't worry Custom-necklace.com got cover for you they have plenty of more style for you to choose from and each of every necklace you can customize the way you want it. So grab your wallet and it time to buy custom-necklace.com!!!!
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Why you should love blogging

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash
Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash
Hey, everyone lets talks why should we love blogging.

Blogging can be fun and it can also be tedious from thinking what post should I write this week, drafting, taking pictures or searching a stock image, to promote your blog it basically being your own employee, the secretary, and the boss. So why you should blog?
Well, blogging may not be for everyone that is if you’re not into writing than it’s not for you but for those who are creative and love to write than it might be for you.

1) Creating your own blog learning HTML codes, adding gadgets creating templates (or buying one from ETSY) is actually quite fun. I personally like to buy templates and personalize a bit since I barely have time so there’s is nothing wrong with it. When I started blogging I was searching for a good template and I somehow met a German blogger name Suvarna Gold. I send her an email if she could make me a logo for my blog and that I’m willing to pay her via PayPal and she told me that she will do it for free as long as I give her credits to her and write a post about her. I’m forever grateful for her kindness and I think that is one of the few reasons why I’ve been blogging these past four years. (Danke schon Suvarna!)

2) Meeting new bloggers around the world! I love meeting people from different countries and learning new things from them and their country. I don’t have to say much about this but meeting bloggers regardless of how long they been blogging is just a unique experience and there are many blog posts where you can relate from them. So go and read their post and follow them on twitter!
3) Over time you will be receiving emails. There are some few sponsor posts where I get paid for it. Some few bloggers where I met get freebies, some of them gets freebie plus money and others just get paid for it. So please be patience you may start getting emails from small gigs and you may end up hitting a jackpot from your favorite brands.

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash 
4) DO NOT STRESS! Don’t stress if you don’t get enough traffic and comment that will just make it worse, just take a deep breath and relax just keep promoting your post by using a queue. It can be disheartening when we have this expectation on having a lot of traffic views and comment and we barely get 100 viewers and zero comments all I can say just be patience, participate in other blog post, comment them while adding your link of your blog but please read their post and try to give a bit long comment instead “wow love this post” because remember they also worked hard on their post and they want feedback just like you. 

 5) Last but not least Disqus I love, love, love Disqus. Disqus is a very friendly user for bloggers it makes sure that there are no spambots all you have to do is sign up follow their instruction to apply Disqus on your blog so people can easily comment on your post and avoid the risk of bots.

Here is a sneak peek of Karl Lagerfeld x L'oreal Paris collaboration

Hello everyone, today it’s very exciting news and that is….
L’oreal Paris and the late legend Karl Lagerfeld are releasing this late September a limited-edition makeup collection. Karl Lagerfeld always has this rock and roll monochromic Parisian chic and L’oreal with their Parisian makeup and both infusing their style into something that we are all very excited to throw our wallet on.

According to Caroline Lebar, Head of Image and Communication at Maison KARL LAGERFELD says “This line of makeup truly reflect the KARL LAGERFELD brand universe and what Karl loved in makeup - he often used eyeshadow as color in his sketches.” This is pretty much exciting having a piece of art by Karl Lagerfeld and perfect for those who love to collect Karl Lagerfeld item.  

A spokesperson for L’oreal Paris informed to Grazia that their packaging will be monochrome just like Karl Lagerfeld signature style. We're very excited about this inclusive collaboration.
Karl Lagerfeld x L’oreal Paris will be hitting the shelf this late September worldwide after Paris fashion week.
Their product will include six runaway-worthy lipstick from rich plum to nudes colors and the lipsticks will be costing $12.27 USD, a super slick liquid liner in deep black and a sultry metallic both of this cost  $11USD, a bold mascara that has a fine bristle so you can rock it by a very affordable price $14.72 USD, the most anticipated eyeshadow palette $18.37 USD, and a highlighter costing $14.72 USD so you can glow and every day as if you’re in your own Paris Fashion week. The collection  
The collection will be hitting on September 27, 2019

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Get name necklace

Hello everyone, I hope many of you are having a wonderful Summer 2019. Today I will be talking about this wonderful company called getnamenecklace.com Getnamenecklace is a jewelry site where you can customize your jewelry in your own way whether is putting a name of your dogs, cats, hamsters or your best friend's name or just your name in a very cute fashionable way with a very high quality material for an awesome price. Each piece of the jewelry represent different types of meanings and I think that is a beautiful way to express something so personal and yet so meaningful and vulnerable to everyone. For example:  
                                      (Ring meaning
The ring we all knows that there the rings in the ring finger meaning 
taken/married but did you know in different fingers and colors has a different meaning? So I will definitely will be using my little finger or what I like to call my pinky so I can tell everyone that I’m single and that I use Tinder. For more information about the ring and their meaning you can click on this link to learn more. 

Engravable Sterling Silver Infinity Symbol Ring
Who doesn’t like anything that has an infinity? We all know that infinity is saying the words “I love you forever” and it just has a different synonyms word of infinity something that it will never end and it always going to be in this time and space till we become stardust.   
Personalized Men's DAD Ring Platinum Plated Silver
All rings does not have to be for women. Men wear rings too even during the Egypts time now for those who are looking for something meaningful and yet simple getnamenecklace.com sell rings for dad! A simple personalized ring engraved with the word dad and inside of the ring you add a beautiful short message for your dear father that I know he will treasure that ring

Personalized Stylish Name Necklace In Silver
Now going a little bit old school (early 2000’s) there was this trend where we all used to buy necklace with our name and I think we should bring it back? So now I think we can all buy this nice necklaces with our name or for our love one.
Double Heart Ring Engraved Monogram 18k Gold Plated
<a href="https://www.getnamenecklace.com/script-monogram-rings">monogram rings</a>
And last but not least ring where you can just add letter and you don’t have 

to give your full name but with a simple letter it can have a thousand meaning. In every image there is a link down below where you can easily click on them and buy them.

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