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Sailor Moon x Skechers Sneaker Collaboration [2020]

Hello, everyone, today I'm super stoke to find out that Sketchers is having a sweet collaboration with one of my favorite anime.....Sailor Moon! As some of you know I'm a big fan of Sailor Moon that a few years ago I cosplayed Sailor Jupiter. 

Now...Unfortunely, I tried to find many information as much as possible one of the few things that I managed to find is. There will be five sneakers representing each Sailor Senshis like Sailor Moon will be representing dark pink and a blue hue, Sailor Jupiter pink and green, Sailor Mercury, light and blue, Sailor Mars, purple and red, Sailor Venus dark blue and yellow. [sources by hypebea]

The Sailor Moon x Skechers will be only available in Singapore. Knowing the Sailor Moon fandom try and grab one of their shoes because eventually it will be sold out whether it online or somewhere in Singapore.

Do I want their sneakers? Yes I'm size 10 US women... 

Mochis review

Hello, everyone, 

Today this post will be about mochi! Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is quite squichy and chewy now the box says Taiwan but according to google mochi are from Japan. 

Mochi comes from all diffrent flavors and sizes and today I will be reviewing two mochi boxes that I have purchase at hottopic. 

The first one that i've tried was the creamer. My friend told me that I would love it. I was a bit skeptical since I thought it would somehow taste like milk but surprisingly it taste a sweet creamer. I would suggest eating the mochi creamer (if that what it called) with coffee.

It very sweet as I mentioned. The filling was just perfect it dint leave a bad taste after I finish eating the mochi and by far I would purchase this one again, if only there was a little bit big bigger so I could just feel my 13 year old self finally eating some mochi.

The chocolate mochi tasted good. It tasted like brownie batter but you know a little chewy but hey it mochi that the point. I thought I would like it more than the creamer but let just say I would not mind eating the chocolate4 mochi again but not a big fan of it, maybe I would try it as an ice cream if I manage to find one. 

I have tried other mochi flavors before so hopefully if I manage to find some I would do more review of it!

Do you like mochi? 

Cosmolle Shapewear (AD)

Cosmolle Shapewear
Hello everyone, today I will be talking about this brand called Cosmolle
Cosmolle is a shapewear brand where it revolutionary the shapewear. Ladies and those who wear shapewear we know that most of the shapewear can be a little bit uncomfortable but the good thing is Cosmolle will make sure that you feel comfortable and not worry about anything.   

Seamless shapewear bodysuits

The Bodysuits Sharper design for anybody shapes giving you a nice curve, butt, and tummy. It’s a perfect bodysuit for those who enjoy wearing a bodycon, tight shirt, or just anything that you wear giving you the confidence that you’re looking 5x gorgeous.  

One of my favorites has to be the Luxury Seamless 1026 Shaping Leggings. The fabric is made of nylon. Now, I really enjoy wearing any lingerie (yes, shapewear are considered as lingerie)  made of nylon and this one is a big win for me. The cool thing about this Luxury Seamless 1026 is that it won't roll as any other shapewear that I have tried before. 

Seamless shapewear bodysuits

No, as far as I know, it won’t give you any superpower but it will make you look drop-dead 
gorgeous wearing a cocktail dress or any dress, in particular, giving you a silhouette look. The Luxury Seamless 1027 helps you tighten and flatten your tummy and you can adjust or remove the straps. 

Seamless Panty Shapewear
Shaper panty

Ladies have you have this problem where you are wearing leggings and your panty isn’t
giving you any justice? Like for example it giving a trace of your panty or the infamous panty line?

Luckily, Cosmolle created the Seamless Panties Shapewear it won’t give you any trace or panty line. You will feel super comfortable where you want to have at least 20 pairs of this panty for your everyday life

Shaper Panty

By far one of my favorite and highly recommend I personally like wearing high waist shape panty and this one changed the game. It helps on keeping the tummy and your back under control so you won't feel that you’re suffocating so you can wear your favorite clothes and you will know that you will super comfortable wearing the Seamless 1028 High Waisted Shaper Panty.

                                             (This is sponsor by Cosmolle Shapewear)

I dealt with an earthquake for the first time

Sammy hiking at Cerro Gordo, Vega Alta, PR

Hello, everyone, it has been nine days and apparently I can't cancel 2020.

I don't know where to start to be honest. As some of you know I've been tweeting for the past few weeks about feeling the earth moving but on January 7, 2020, after the three wise king days, we been hit a 6.6 magnitude around 4:30 am. 

I remember that my two dogs woke me up crying and I instantly knew something wasn't right and before I could even check what going on the power went out and everything started shaking. I don't know if I screamed but I do remember I kick my dog Sammy (who is a senior golden retriever)out of my bed so we could reach to the safety but I felt like those cartoon where they try to get up but they keep falling down after I managed to reach my door from my bedroom so we could get into the safety area everything stop. I was panicking I open my cat bedroom I was scared that he got hurt and thankfully he was okay. So I went to my patio and immediately fill two buckets of waters for my dogs plus a giant water bowl for my cat my neighbor from the second floor called me from her balcony to see if we were alright after we all went outside scared because we dealt small earthquake no more than some 4.1 magnitudes. 

We all dint sleep, our anxiety was on the sky roof. We were in our Maria mode we dealt with Hurricane Irma an

d Maria (2017) so having no electricity and water for months wasn't news for us. 
(We're still recovering from Hurricane Maria. FEMA plus Trump administration and the local government aren't doing a great job.)

My mom texted me to come to her apartment since she has a barbecue so I could eat some breakfast. I gave my mom dog a small walk so he could do his business he only went to pee outside quickly and dint even dare to stay far away from his apartment so I decided to trust his instinct and we went inside. Later on, I was talking to my mom. I don't remember the conversation but out of nowhere we had a replica of the earthquake I almost lost my balance and I immediately went under the table from the family room. I was under the table with her dog my mom was too shook to move to the point she asked me if it was an earthquake... I won't forget the 7:15 am from the horrible sound of the door banging as if someone trying to break the door and her neighbor screaming. It was like those Hollywood movies where everything is in slow motion but at the same time, everything went too fast.  

That day no one sleeps every several minutes to hours we got a replica of the earthquake and the next day I decided to drive with her dog and let just say when you are driving and the earth started to shake you won't feel like but you will feel as if you were in a boat going left and right. It's not the first time I dealt with an earthquake while inside of a car. I remember back in December 24, 2010, my mom ex-husband was driving and it felt we were in a boat so luckily I learned what to do and that reduces your speeding, turn on the intermittent, identify your area where you can stop and make sure there is no cables or trees (that is also including bridges and tunnels) after you stop stay inside the car and make sure that your area is okay to keep going with precaution. 

Having this experience is horrible with my PTSD of Hurricane Maria but I'm thankful that I manage to stay calm the whole thing and I'm more prepared in case of another Earthquake. 

Here are some tips on what can you in case of a natural disaster.

- Power will be out and so is the communication. Text messages are better than calling someone.
- Always store water bottle for drinking, cleaning, and for bathing
- Stored canned and dry food that can last you at least for 12 weeks including your pet's food.
- Always have a copy plus original paper of your birth certificate, passport, social security number, your pet document (including a recent photo of them), and any other important document.
-If you have any pets make sure they are microchip (unless in your state or country doesn't work) always have a tag with the info of your pets name and your phone number and your veterinary 

Reasons on why you should bring your own reusable bottle

Reusable cups

Hey, everyone, 2020 is almost here! Anyone is excited? I'm. As many of us always do some New Year resolution. To start off 2019 made me more an environmental conscious. I still don't live in the zero waste style but I'm making less waste on plastics. Here is the reason why you should use your own reusable bottle and coffee cups!

1.) Reduce plastic waste

Plastic harms the environment. That is a no brainer and not many plastic bottles go to the recycling plant due to the bottle is contaminated, the recycling doesn't work, or there isn't one in your area. The best thing you can do is invest a Britta and a good bottle where it can keep both of your drinks hot and cold.

2.) It saves you money

I'm all for saving money like I don't have to explain much about saving money I think we all do. Depends on where you are buying your coffee you can save 10 cents to a dollar or so. It depends on the coffee shop you're going to.

3.) It saves resources 

Most of the time the carboard coffee has very thin plastic materials where it cannot be recycled plus it can take up to 30 years for the coffee cup to decompose. Sure most will be alive but let face it. It's not cute making a lot of trash and it takes years to decompose.
Small fun fact: aside from that the coffee cup can not be recycled and turn into a coffee cup again due to the health regulation.

4.) Your drink will last longer whether is cold or hot.

It can be a really hot day and it very likely that your reusable water bottle is cold or you just order some hot tea a few hours ago and it still warm. We all like to keep our drinks hot or cold so by using a nice reusable coffee cup or bottle it one of the best things that can keep the drink fresh.

My cat Lazarus being curious as always