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Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well.

Today is another sponsor post by one of my favorite local artisan jewelry and that is Yarel.art she make some amazing earrings all of course handmade and hand selected crystal rocks. All her origami earrings are butterfly each of those earrings have different rocks from rose quartz to green jade rocks.

Rose quarta, amethyst, and jade
She also make different earrings design in case if you don't want the origami earrings she also goes for more traditional earrings.

As I mentioned before she have different designs all made with love and a little bit of witch magic so for those who are witches or simply enjoy beautiful crystal rocks go and check her Instagram account and DM her some love as @yarel.art 

Thank you, Yarel for this beautiful earrings I love them very much to the point I don't even want to take it off!
All of her handmade earrings are made with love in Puerto Rico!

Ellas historia de mujeres puertoriqueñas [book review]

Ellas: Historias de mujeres puertoriqueñas

Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well during this moment of pandemic.
Fear not on this post I will be not talking much about the corona virus. I will be talking about this book that I was dying to read as some of you know I'm from Puerto Rico (yup, half Puerto Rican half Latvian.) My mom got me this book knowing that I'm all for history especially female Puerto Rican history.

In this wonderful book with a breath taking yet simple illustration by Mya Pagán you can find her Instagram as @myashi I feel she did a huge justice on every single Puerto Rican women who fought against all the odd regardless from what decade they come from. Thanks, to all the Puerto Rican they marked for ever from politics, art, philosophy and so on...

This book is in both Spanish and English giving you a small brief biography on what they did during their time it easy to read it empowering, great for kids to learn female Puerto Rican that many of them do not appear in many history textbook but thankfully, Mya Pagán, Enery López, Navarrete, Mariola Rosario Padró and Laura Rexach Olivencia gave them their spotlight that they deserve.

All I can say is that I definitely recommend this book not just for kids but to all ages who are hungry to learn about the history of Puerto Rico and to be honest it make me happy to see important figure like Myrna Báez (1931-2018) a very important female painter to the point she shaped me as an artist. Rita Moreno a Puerto Rican actress many knows her from the West side story. Julia De Burgos (1914-1953) a very important figure who was advocated the independence of Puerto Rico along side with Pedro Albizu Campos (1891-1965) and many more..

You can purchase Ellas on: libros787.com they ship only to US and Puerto Rico

                                                  (this post is not sponsor nor affiliated)

AD| Chinesetea4u


Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well. On this post I will be talking this wonderful company that sell all kind of authentic Chinese tea. This post is for all the tea lovers willing to try new authentic tea. 

One of the things I learn from chinesetea4u is that there is much more than the Oolong tea and the green tea and how to prepare the tea their ways, plus the rich history of each tea it's something quite amazing.  I will be talking about Pu'erh and yes, I know it look like a giant cake or a cookie. At first I thought it was some pastry but it a giant tea for brewing. I see myself using the Pu'erh for a tea party where I can show off my guest with some knowledge about tea so I can easily impress them. Like we all want to impress our guest with knowledge that they may not know.

Thanks, to chinesetea4u.com they have so many different type of tea with rich history and how to brew each tea not just from Pu'erh but also to flowers tea to different type of green tea.

Pu'erh tea

I never heard before the word "Pu'erh" in fact I did not know until I did some further research about what it is a pu'erh. The pu'erh is a fermented tea they're red tea on our case from those who are from the Western we call it black tea for some odd reason but obviously the flavor is completely different from the black tea that many of us drink. There different variety of the pu'erh tea and they have different ingredients and how to brew the pu'erh tea. This is something I would suggest on trying something completely new for those who are tea lovers and are seeking on trying something new for their taste buds.

Pu'erh 1729
Another Pu'er tea they mostly remind me a cake but it tea, a giant tea that can last for about a year. This one is the classic Pu'er 1729 A.D. according thru Chinese history the Qing government made this tea special since it's made from wild tea leaf and garden tea leaf the taste is wild (in a good way!!!) while it's wild it's also soft and sweet. Quite an interesting combination. Definitely, something to try out to have this marvelous experience.  

Sailor Moon x Skechers Sneaker Collaboration [2020]

Hello, everyone, today I'm super stoke to find out that Sketchers is having a sweet collaboration with one of my favorite anime.....Sailor Moon! As some of you know I'm a big fan of Sailor Moon that a few years ago I cosplayed Sailor Jupiter. 

Now...Unfortunely, I tried to find many information as much as possible one of the few things that I managed to find is. There will be five sneakers representing each Sailor Senshis like Sailor Moon will be representing dark pink and a blue hue, Sailor Jupiter pink and green, Sailor Mercury, light and blue, Sailor Mars, purple and red, Sailor Venus dark blue and yellow. [sources by hypebea]

The Sailor Moon x Skechers will be only available in Singapore. Knowing the Sailor Moon fandom try and grab one of their shoes because eventually it will be sold out whether it online or somewhere in Singapore.

Do I want their sneakers? Yes I'm size 10 US women... 

Mochis review

Hello, everyone, 

Today this post will be about mochi! Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is quite squichy and chewy now the box says Taiwan but according to google mochi are from Japan. 

Mochi comes from all diffrent flavors and sizes and today I will be reviewing two mochi boxes that I have purchase at hottopic. 

The first one that i've tried was the creamer. My friend told me that I would love it. I was a bit skeptical since I thought it would somehow taste like milk but surprisingly it taste a sweet creamer. I would suggest eating the mochi creamer (if that what it called) with coffee.

It very sweet as I mentioned. The filling was just perfect it dint leave a bad taste after I finish eating the mochi and by far I would purchase this one again, if only there was a little bit big bigger so I could just feel my 13 year old self finally eating some mochi.

The chocolate mochi tasted good. It tasted like brownie batter but you know a little chewy but hey it mochi that the point. I thought I would like it more than the creamer but let just say I would not mind eating the chocolate4 mochi again but not a big fan of it, maybe I would try it as an ice cream if I manage to find one. 

I have tried other mochi flavors before so hopefully if I manage to find some I would do more review of it!

Do you like mochi?