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Netflix and quarantine

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Hello, everyone I know many of us are still in lockdown and probably on running out of watching Netflix shows and films so I felt like adding shows and film from what I've been watching on Netflix.

1) Freud

If you are into crimes and paranormal with a mix of gothic victorian this show might be for you. The story of Simon Freud is totally inaccurate but it a show where you can just chill and be totally hook on. I'm very curious on how they are going to do the second season which I do hope it will be good like the first one if not better.

2) Babylon Berlin

This is one of my favorite series and the third season left me shook. I won't be explaining much about this series because I will be spoiling the series. All I can say it's around the 1920's four years before WWII on how two German who are polices investigator are investigating a crime scene and historical moment happening. I'm excited for the four season since well it was the roaring 20's and ugh the opening is so good! I really love both the protagonist Gereon and Lottie.

3) The Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel has only 8 episodes and it just perfect. I love the animation, the script, the plot, just everything for that show. The Midnight Gospel is a perfect show the ending is breathtaking. On each episode Clancy interview some random living in some planet and they talk many different topics it kinda like podcast but you learn so many thing about philosophy, emotion, and so on...I believe everyone should watch this show it's worth it.

4) Valeria 

Okay, this show is pure GOLD!!! My mom and I we been quite hook-up with this show. Valeria is a comedy-drama it basically the Spanish version of Sex On The City but more modern and more accurate when it comes to sex. Adding different sex topic from disability to LGBTQ+. Now for those who are non-Spanish speaker unfortunately there is no dub and subs (for now while I'm typing here) but this show needs recognition due to the accuracy when it comes to sex.

5) Lupin The III: The Castle of Cagliostro

I feel like I have to give a bit justice to anime. It's no surprise that I enjoy anime but I'm extremely picky when it comes to it. From ANATOMY!!!!!! to plots and dialog so finding a good anime is kinda hard now on day. Anyway, Lupin The III: The Castle of Cagliostro directed by Hayao Miyazaki   is pure gold it's funny and heartwarming. Lupin with his sidekick Jigen are a thief stealing money counterfeit money from a casino later on they rescue a bride and well it just full adventure. What I enjoy this film there is no sexualization, there isn't much romance, the way it's animated is so good (I mean come on it Miyazaki) so yeah, I end up loving so much. This film is not for kids since there is lot of violence and lot of curse word.

6) Avatar: The Last Airbender

Okay, I don't have to explain much. I believe we all grew up watching Avatar: The Last Airbender at some point in our childhood and if you dint then what where you doing with your life?

Books that I'm reading during lockdown

Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well. During this lockdown I knew that I needed to challenge myself on reading books and so I started reading like the good old days. Small side note most of the books that I purchase is on Amazon kindle since I personally don't like clustering my bedroom. 

On this post there will be books that I've reads and books that I'm planning to read and will be updating. 

1984 by George Orwell

One of the very classic novel of George Orwell. I personally love this novel it leaves you on the edge where on this dystopia novel there is no privacy whether Winston Smith do Big Brother is watching him and he lives in a very oppressive society. The TV knows what you are doing, you can't trust the neighbors, not even the kids, they know when you sleep and so on. It's a very ironic novel where to be honest it's not far from the future that we are living now. This novel obviously have no happy ending so if you are into no happy ending without having a broken heart just shook this is your classical novel.

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

A small science-fiction novel this novel was wrote in 1895 (waaaaay before Doctor Who!) about this time traveller went to the future where there is no human on earth. The plot basically is the Traveller tried to go back to his present after some creature stole his time machine and he had to find a way to get it back. It's quite Doctor Who the ending is quite open it kinda leave you in a way that he is somewhere in the future and the person is just waiting for him. Anyway, I have a soft spot for this short novel I read it during high school year so this is the second time that I read it because it was free on the Amazon kindle.

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

This is not a novel this more a strategy, philosophy, and self-help book reading about different type of personality of people like what are the sirens, the stars, the dandy and so on...I personally like this book I do see myself getting the physical one. It's one of those books where you can identify yourself with and kinda improve yourself.

Now the book that I'm currently planning to read is 

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

This book was written in the 5th century BC. Many people that I know raves about it and a good friend of mine told me to read it so by now I will be starting to read this ancient book and I will be writing a review about it.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Joe Taji

Again, my friend of mine also recommend me this book it basically about finances so hopefully this book help me on how to manage money and we'll be more economic stable. 

            What book are you currently reading or planning to read? 

AD GIFTED| Printsfield

Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well during this time.
Today I will be talking about this company that makes cool funky socks and that is Printsfield. Printsfields is a small socks company where you can design your own cool funky socks. They gave me the opportunity to design my socks all I did was I chose the socks theme and upload my mom dog face it's pretty easy and simple.
I was pretty excited to show off the socks to my mom since spoil her dog a lot to the point she buy him a vanilla ice cream without me. So when my socks finally arrived the first thing I noticed is the quality.

The fabric material is really good quite a high quality. I can tell that it's made by love from someone who went and photoshop my mom dog and I find it unique. I don't know about you guys but I love when small company put effort on what they are selling it just make them unique and Printsfield sure did stole my heart.

Not going to lie tho I was a bit skeptical that it would not fit me but I'm surprised that it did fit me nicely. Since I have big calf longs socks can be a bit tricky for me so for those who have big calf like me I can assure that it may fit on you.
I do see myself buying more from them and gifting socks (and underwear!) to my loves one with a small humor here and there. If you want to impress someone or simply want to treat your self Printsfield and I created a discount code just for you so you can save a couple of dollars and who doesn't like saving?! I sure do love saving money so all you have to do is:
Once you got what you want to purchase head to the checkout and apply: FLAWLESS20 
That is a 20% discount code just for you!

                                                                                       (This post is sponsor by printsfield.com)

My quarantine playlist

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Hello, everyone while many of us are still on the quarantine today post will be what I've been listening during this lockdown.
As many of you know I enjoy rock music so I will be adding different variety not just punk rock but there will be pop music and so on...

Fated, Faithful, Fatal By Marilyn Manson 
Album: The pale emperor (deluxe edition)

No surprise that I do enjoy Marilyn Manson music but on this acoustic song that is by far one of my favorite song of his makes me sing out loud (sorry neighbor). Fun fact! I named my cat Lazarus after one of his lyric that just hit right thru me and it goes...

"Lazarus got no dirt on me
Lazarus got no dirt on me 
And I will rise on every occasion
I'm the Mephistopheles of Los Angeles..."

Death by Made In height
Album: Without my enemy what would I do

Not much I know this artist I literally discover on my Spotify daily mix but the beat just fully remind me Kingdom Heart like it could easily be part of Kingdom Heart or Final Fantasy music playlist. The beat is pretty poppy while the lyrics are bittersweet something I personally enjoy when it comes to pop music.

Darkseid by Grimes
Album: Miss Anthropocene (Deluxe edition)

I had to add Grimes somewhere in my playlist her music is just ethereal. It hard to choose one but this one is currently my fever after 4AM and My name is Dark...Her new album is just good as all her previous album but it gets more a touch on one of her previous album Art Angels.

Micheal by Franz Ferdinand 
Album: Franz Ferdinand

I love, love, love Franz Ferdinand. I don't have much to say about them all I can say I still love them so this song is just a classic.

All the best cowboys have daddy issues by Senses Fail
Album: Still searching 

Once an emo always an emo, right? I thought adding Can't be saved but I feel like All the best cowboys have daddy issues should need a bit more of recognition. This song is quite personal to me but I love to play this song loud on my radio while cleaning my house on a Sunday morning or just driving somewhere while Buddy Nielsen is just there screaming.

Mowgli's Road by Marina
Album: The Family Jewels

What can I say about Marina? All song are a bop I don't have to explain much we all love Marina.

Attack of Panic by Aly and Aj

The original queen of Disney. After 10 years waiting for their album they released several song EP and they are all so damn good but attack of panic is just one of the best that they have released so far it makes me feel that I'm walking into Zara store while their lyrics are just pretty much big mood from their accuracy when someone feels panicking while having a catwalk.

Social cues by Cage The Elephant
Album: Social Cues

As always Cage The Elephant always make great album but this one I feel like many people can relate to this song quite a lot with the indie psychedelic it very catchy makes you want to sing along while dancing.

Nihilists blue (feat. Grimes) By Bring Me The Horizon
Album: Amo

Those who has been following BMTH since the beginning we can say this is a completely different song from all their music that they have recorded it full of electro-rock music with the touch of Grimes voice this song make it perfect that Nietzsche would probably love it.

Paradise lost, a poem by John Milton by The Used

With their comeback after years not knowing much about them this is jut like "hello, we are here to kick 2020 ass" and to be honest since finding out that they released this song that is full of psychedelic rock I just know that their next album will be so good that I won't stop raving about it.

Cierre la boca by EL Imperio del Perro
Album: Músculo piel y huesos

A nice Spanish rock break-up song. I love their lyric it easy to sing along and I know that I have to dedicate my post-break up song to my lockdown.

Delilah by Florence + The Machine
Album: How big, how blue, how beautiful 

I can't help myself but Florence Welch her voice is beautiful and hunting and rediscovering Delilah makes me realize how much I love it.

Re-education (Through labor) by Rise Against
Album: Appeal to reason 

It been around 13 years since they released Appeal to reason and it this type of song that talks about human rights, climate change, and politics something that unfortunately has gotten worst thru the years but the accuracy is still there and it gives me a reminder what I'm fighting for a better future.

Hijo de Puta (feat. Randy) by Sexy Zebras
Album: The culeras K-caras wey Barbecues

Basically a song that just say son of a bitch to all the politicians who enjoys corrupting people life.

Totalimmortal by AFI

This song is a very late 90's punk music and it something you just want to go for mosh pit while gazing at Davey Havoc (which he still a babe tho) it been who know what and I have't stop listening since my early high school years.

I try to keep my playlist short but I just love sharing my playlist and discovering new artists.

How to kill this quarantine

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Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well and taking precaution.

So let start with this something that we all have in common and that is we can't go out we are in quarantine.

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert socializing, working out, getting plenty vitamin D and so on...Is important. So here are some few things to kill those time till there is no more quarantine.

Clean your house once every 1-2 weeks.
Okay, I know that doesn't sound fun but let face it you may haven't done your laundry within week or your litter cat is pretty dirty so yes try and keep your house clean and I don't mean the COVID-19 but I always say a dirty house traps bad energy and we don't need that especially at this moment so use your vacuum, organize your closet, and clean your litter cat.

Learn something new
Want to learn how to cook? Well, I think it time to learn something new in your cooking skill or improve some foreign language, or do something what I'm doing and that is trying to learn how to play the ukulele.

While Britney Spears as always wrote a song that changed the society and we know that is WORK BITCH so yes, let all workout if you can't go outside to jog there is plenty way of exercising you may have an old Nintendo Wii collecting dust with Just Dance, some YouTube videos, or you can download the app Fit on (I took some few yoga classes with Jonathan Van Ness from Queer eyes.) I personally love using Fit On I can create my own schedule take some pilates or yoga somethings I do cardio it a great app and it free! Also I love Just Dance 2020.

Read some books
I won't say binge watch some Netflix shows like we all doing that but how about it time to finish that book that been sitting on the bookshelf or revisit one of your favorites books or buy some new books that you been dying to read? I'm just going to translate a quote and that says

"I see you making list of series that you have seen, but nothing that you have read." - My professor that somehow appeared on my twitter feed.
So yes! Finish that book feed your imagination!

Call your love one

Isolation can be pretty lonely. Regardless how you live alone or not call your loves one. Doesn't have to be everyday but try and socialize with them.

Play some video games
If you have the Nintendo switch with Animal Crossing: New horizon lucky you! I personally am trying to finish Death stranding and damn the frustration it gives me when some mules stole my resins and I'm trying to finish a level. So yes, play some videos game whether you have a console or just play on your PC or on your phone.

So that is all for now. How are you dealing with this quarantine?