Saturday, October 24, 2020

AD| Slim Sculpte she: Shapewear

 Hello, everyone, today this post is sponsor by I will be writing about each of the products and as you know I enjoy wearing shapewear it helps with giving an hourglass look.

Christmas is pretty much near and black Friday is even nearer so as you know black Friday means good discount and who doesn't love saving money?

So for further ado, I will be talking about each of the shapewear.

Best shapewear bodysuits:

I personally had to go for the Sculptshe Plus Size Open Crotch Underbust Bodysuit Firm Control. Since I do consider myself a plus size gal and of my struggle is finding a plus-size bodysuit for my type of body so I can get the perfect illusion of an hourglass. Thankfully, sculpteshe does have bodysuits for all body types!.

The Sculptshe Plus Size Open Crotch Underbust Bodysuit Firm Control runs from S to 6XL

Best waist trainer for plus size

As I mentioned before I'm a plus-size gal (size 14 US woman) and not all the waist trainers are one size fits all. So, always check what is your exact size before getting a waist trainer. 

Thankfully, Sculpteshe makes waist trainer for plus size and their waist trainer is comfortable for doing an exercise (moderated like running and lifting weights) there are many waist trainers to choose from and many of them are comfortable.  

The Waist trainer goes from size S to 6XL

Black Friday discount

Whether you're planning a new year resolution or want to start soon before 2020 ends, sculpteshe is having a massive Black Friday sale from all their items of shapewear and waist trainer. Nothing is better to buy things that are on sale before supplies go out till the next stock up!

                                                                                                            (this sponsored post is by

Sunday, October 11, 2020

October playlist

 Hello, everyone, about a few months ago I wrote My quarantine playlistand well I decided what I've been listening to during this month of October and as I mentioned in my previous post I love listening to rock music so I guess you can say I live in some sort of bohemia rock n roll lifestyle anyway, I will be trying to mix up a few genres while keeping a Halloween theme related-ish.

So here are some of my October playlist!

1) Science by The Birthday Massacre

Album: Walking With Stranger

It would be odd if I didn't include The Birthday Massacre on to one of my playlist of the month. The Birthday Massacre is a rock band from Canada and if you like music like The Cure and The Depeche Mode then you will enjoy their music. I feel like they're super under-appreciated I don't know if it because of the name of the band and someone may think it had to do with death metals (which personally it's not my cup of tea) or simply the band has a female lead singer, either way, I still love The Birthday Massacre always giving a very 80's underground vibe music scene.

2) Your Sweet Six Six Six by HIM

Album: Greatest Love song Vol. 666

Ah, yes, I remember that I went to their concert around in 2014 and that was the best night ever. A 16-17 year old fangirling over Ville Valo and still in love with Ville Valo to this day. It was hard to choose one song from them because well all their song are super romantic adding with the gothic vibe and ugh Ville voice sounds like some victorian vampire. While I can't stop listening to Sweet Six Six Six (at this moment) and wished I played that song in my quincañera just to look like a cool edgy kid with my emo bang hair. (also I feel like adding another song from HIM and that would be Buried Alive by Love because why not?).

3) To Ardent feat. Nancy Sinatra by Circus

Album: Black Devil Disco Club

I don't really know much about the artist Circus but who doesn't love Nancy Sinatra? It just a nice chill song I usually play it when I'm driving so it's that music that just goes for a nice short ride.

4) 911 by Lady Gaga

Album: Chromatica

We all got blessed by Lady Gaga new album and I had to chose 911 aside that it's very catchy and pretty much I can relate to her lyrics from stuff that happen to me. Anyway, it no surprise that Lady Gaga always releases amazing music but I see myself playing 911 all year long till it gets burnt. 

5) Church by Aly & Aj


I had to add again Aly & Aj is probably one of the top artists that I listen to the most. I personally adore them since I was a kid seeing them on Disney Channel. With their dreamy indie-pop vibe it quite refreshing separating them from many artists and making them unique with their music.

6) Maya the Psychic by Gerard Way

Album: Hesitant Alien

Those who may not know Gerard Way. He is the lead singer from My Chemical Romance and wrote the comic book The Umbrella Academy. From his album, Hesitant Alien is very different from his band MCR but still amazing nonetheless. I'm not quite sure if I said it's a bit of psychedelic rock balancing alternative rock but it gives a David Bowie vibe so yes you can dance all the way with Maya the Psychic.  

7) KILL4ME by Marilyn Manson

Album: Heaven Upside Down

Without adding Marilyn Manson during the month of October is like failing the "Spooky King". I think it's one of the refreshing music from him if not half of his previous album. I really enjoy listening to KILL4ME makes me dance around my house while singing around.

8) Bad Girl Feat. Marilyn Manson by Avril Lavinge 

Album: Avril lavinge

Mary Shelley would totally jam this song! It basically full BDSM related stuff and who knew that those two would end up collaborating making one memorable song mixing nu-metal with pop? I do hope that some future they end up collaborating again because...That was hot. 

9) This Is How I Disappear by My Chemical Romance

Album: The Black Parade

Who is I who did not add My Chemical Romance onto this playlist? My 12-year-old me would be shaming me, seriously, I was super obsessed with My Chemical Romance that I end up having a shrine of them. I do admit it was tricky to just add one song from them from one album because well I just love them and I do see myself in some future when I'm like some 40 or 50-year-old aunt dressed up as if she was 15 again, going to see her favorite band and reminisce when she had this crush on Gerard Way back in early High School year.  

10) Helena by Misfits

Album: Famous Monster

Without playing Misfits...Then I'm not celebrating Halloween correctly in some horror punk style. I kinda wish I could go back to 2016 and go back to the Misfits concert again. I no need to explain most of their song is just horror punk and whenever I'm with my friends in my car we just sing along to all their music (and mumble!) so it pretty common to see me banging their music.  

11) Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand

Album: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand 

I don't feel like explaining much about Franz Ferdinand aside I think they're pretty much a cool rock band and all their song is a banger but I just shuffle my Spotify playlist so they could choose the first song of Franz Ferdinand to appear on my playlist. 

So that is all folks! I know most of the playlist I added is basically rock music but hey it October so I'm just going for what I think it kinda matches for the playlist of the month. Let see what will be my next month's playlist. 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Skincare product review

Hello, everyone, it been a while that I haven't written a skincare product review.  Well, here I'm reviewing six skincare products that I've been trying and giving you my own personal opinion is it worth it or not. 

To give you a small side note most of these products are from the Allure monthly box so for further ado here are what I think of each of them...

Aveeno Positively Mineral sunscreen SPF 50

I purchased this sunscreen at Walgreens a few months ago due to my laser hair removal (which had been postponed) but here what I think about this product. It pretty thick so you need very little or you will be super white. I personally do not find it as sweatproof so that is a huge bummer for me due to I go to a skatepark and well I obviously will be sweating a lot so I want a product that does not give me as a clown who is melting. 

Rating: 3/5

SkinInc Supplement bar: daily dose serum

Excuse me that I ran out of this product and I could not take a proper picture with the bottle full...I got this a few months ago on the Allure box and I really like how it made my skin a bit brighter. It contains anti-again ingredients, chlorella which makes your skin brighter, and my favorite ingredient hyaluronic acid which gives you intense hydration. I do see myself purchasing this product even tho it a bit too expensive for my budget. 

Rating: 4/5 

Akar skin: balance toner

Got this again from Allure I believe it was last month, anyway, I don't see myself buying this product it work just like any other toner.

Rating 2/5

Peach and Lily: Glass Skin Refining Serum

Okay, I love it and I love it!!! I use it almost daily and it keeps my skin hydrated and fresh during the day. According to their site, it's vegan, gluten-free, and clean which is pretty much amazing. Even tho my only wish is that their packaging would be a little bit friendly for the environment so I could say that a bonus but overall I find it somewhat affordable, a little goes a long way, and I just like how it keeps my skin smooth during the day. 


Pixi skintreats: Rose Oil blend 

 I'm pretty sure there was a hype about Pixi product and well I got this from Allure. I do like it even tho I use it once every 2-3 days due to my skin is a combination so I need to be careful about getting an acne breakout or making my skin look a bit too oily which is a no-no. I do recommend for those who have dry skin and maybe for those who have sensitive skin. Overall, I may try other Pixi products.

Elemis: Pro-collagen cleansing balm

Holy molly! I'm obsessed with this product. I use it almost daily. I love the smell it smells like tea tree oil 
I don't know how to explain this but it makes my skin super soft and super clean. I've tried many cleansers before but this one is a total game-changer. I do see myself purchasing this product even tho I find it expensive but I will do anything for my skin and I'm very sold on these products. I'm so glad I got this product from Allure and I'm very convinced of buying this cleanser.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Hallotober tag (2020)

 Hi, everyone, this month I joined Jordan Lee (The Life Of A Glasgow Girl) on the Hallotober tag which I'm super happy since I love Autumn and celebrating Halloween is a must! So for further ado, I will be answering 13 questions!!!

1. What's your favorite thing about October? 

I love Halloween home decoration to the point I have a Pinterest board (you can click here!) about Halloween mood board plus I love dressing up my pets. This year will be my cat Lazarus first Halloween so I may dress him as a bat I'm still searching two costumes for my senior dogs so they can trick or treat with their neighbor dogs. 

2. Are you a big celebrator of Halloween?

Big yes! Last year at my university we had our first Halloween party and we all dressed up well-known painters like Velazquez and Andy Warhol and other art-related with a lot of puns it was a blast later on..Some of us went to a nearby bar covered in fake blood and sweat it was a blast.

3. What's your favorite horror movie?

The first things that come up in my mind are Night of the Living Dead (1968), Nosferatu (1922), THe Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), The Shining (1980), Carrie (1976) and, Sleepy Hollow (1999). I think that is all I can think of. For now... 

4. Would you rather a cozy night in watching horrors or a big night out in a costume?

I don't know if it because I'm getting older or simply I'm somewhat an introvert I prefer a cozy night watching horrors films or series over a big night out unless is going to a Horror Film Festival which unfortunately we won't be having this year due to the pandemic but my friends and I are planning a virtual hang out watching horror films. 

5. Which has been your most favorite costume to date?

I'm all for a DIY costume so I think it would be dressing up as Sailor Jupiter and anything in cover with fake blood. Yes, I know I'm obsessed with latex and fake blood. 

6. Bobbing for apples or pin the hat on the witch? 

I do not know the meaning but I will go for the pin the hat on the witch. I like witches and I miss wearing a witch hat, I should get a cute fashionable witch hat.

7. How do you celebrate Halloween? 

By consuming anything with pumpkin spice (except pumpkin spice beer) usually, I go with a pumpkin spice latte later on a sweet pastry while reading short horror stories and later on watch some horror series or films.  

8. What's your least favorite horror? 

Not a big fan of modern horror movies too exaggerated and cliche for my liking. 

9. Do you have a favorite trick or treating memory? 

Every year my mom would dress me up as a pumpkin till I was at least 5 or 6 years old that I dressed up as Padmé from Star Wars and I would take my cat Salem trick or treating. 

10. What's your favorite thing about Halloween? 

I don't know honestly, but I think it has to do with the colors that are on cooler sides rather than warmer but also with the pagan history I find it quite interesting 

11. Scary costume or Silly costume? 

BOTH! Hard to choose one I enjoy creativity so seeing a mix of both is even better!

12. What's your favorite Halloween candy? 

I'm assuming that peep's marshmallow doesn't count so I would go for dark chocolate.

13. Ghost decorations or skeleton decorations?

Definitely, skeleton decoration because anatomy~ Give me a femur, a tibia, a cervical, a sacrum, and many more bones! Plus this year I will be taking a workshop of taxidermy so I'm excited to have more bones.

Thank you, Jordanne Lee, for nominating on the Hallotober 2020!

I nominate 

(For those who wants to be nominated please let me know and I will gladly add you to my nominated list)

Here are the spooky question!

1. What's your favorite thing about October? 
2. Are you a big celebrator of Halloween? 
3. What's your favorite horror movie?
4. Would you rather a cozy night in watching horrors or a big night out in a costume?
5. Which has been your most favorite costume to date? 
6. Bobbing for apples or pin the hat on the witch? 
7. How do you celebrate Halloween? 
8. What's your least favorite horror? 
9. Do you have a favorite trick or treating memory? 
10. What's your favorite thing about Halloween? 
11. Scary costume or Silly costume? 
12. What's your favorite Halloween candy? 
13. Which scary movie would you like to be in?

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Quarantine makeup

 Hello, everyone, okay, I know wearing makeup with a mask is kinda like an "eh" but even by wearing a mask I still wear makeup so I will be showing my favorite makeup that I'm using before and after the pandemic.

Lime Crime: Venus Palette II

It's no news that I love Lime Crime especially their eyeshadows and I wrote a review on the first Venus Palette Lime Crime: Venus Palette & unicorn lipstick [review] as always their eyeshadows are super pigmented easy to blend and long-lasting. I'm hitting the pan on one of my favorite Venus Palette II colors which is mustard. Now my favorite color from this palette is again mustard, mud, and filter which filter reminds me of Cristina Ricci eyeshadow color from an old late 90's indie film Buffalo 66' by Vincent Gallo. The "fly" I personally use it as a highlighter near my brows.  

As always I highly recommend Lime Crime Venus Palette eyeshadows and I'm glad that they keep expanding more colors I'm already considering on purchasing their Venus Palette III, XL, and going back to the first one. 

L'oreal x Karl Lagerfeld

Shame on me that I never wrote a review of the L'oreal collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld while hypping their collaboration and I wrote an article about it so here is the previous post that I wrote about them here is a sneak peek of Karl Lagerfeld x L'oreal Paris Collaboration but I do have an excuse there I tried to find the eyeliner but never found it in all the drugstore and online but I manage to snatch their eyeshadows and two of their lipstick. But I will say this in a very, very, short review. I'm hitting the pan and I like the nude, pink, and the burgundy it's the one that I use the most and I like to mix it with my Venus Palette II. Their lipstick is quite hydrating and long-lasting and it has these cooler shades which I still use it time to time when I'm in a zoom meeting.

E.L.F. Poreless putty primer

I no longer use foundation and concealer since I've been preferring in going more a natural look but I'm hook-up with their poreless putty primer. I got from Allure a few months ago and I was a bit skeptical till one day I started using it and I noticed a difference and that is it minimizes when my face gets oily and it helps my bronzer, blush, and my highlighter stay on put so yes, this is my new holy grail it's amazing and super affordable.  Here is the link of elf Poreless Putty Primer never underestimate a super affordable drugstore brand. E.L.F. always, been an amazing brand they may be the underdog but as an old E.L.F. consumer, all I can say is that try their products. 

Airspun Loose Face Powder

I may no longer use foundation but I do use face powder to take out my shine a little bit. I remember my grandma using the Airspun and now here I'm using the same loose face powder as her. It a brand from 1935 so for those who love vintage makeup this brand might be perfect for you even Dita Von Teese use Airspun. You can find Airspun at any drugstore for only $6. 

 Milk Makeup: Blush stick (werk)

I'm probably, very late on this game but my mom gave me as a gift Milk blush stick and since that day I haven't stopped wearing the Milk Makeup blush stick it's super blendable and I like how it lasts for quite a while. I love blush and I even contour with a lot of blush I don't know how to explain but I love that I look like I'm blushing really hard.  

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel Clear

A few months ago Allure send me a sample of the ABH brow gel and I instantly fell in love that I waited till I ran out the product and purchase the bigger tube and I noticed that I prefer the smaller one but there is no real difference I just like small things. It's long-lasting it holds your brow hairs and if you are like me where everything is humid and there are days when the temperature is 110 degrees Fahrenheit you can be assured that the ABH brow gel stays theirs. So I guess we can say it's sweatproof too?  

ABH Clear Brow Gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit

Yes, I know I'm super late on the game but hey, Allure beauty box send me alongside their brow gel also their highlighter and I just love it so much I use all of them either separated or I mix them all creating some sort of rainbow highlighter. It's very cute and super wearable. 

ABH Moonchild glow kit

Besame Cosmetic: 1930 mascara

Since the day I discovered Besame Cosmetic and purchased their mascara. I haven't purchased any other mascara since that day. I wrote a review about their mascara several years ago Besame cosmetic 1930 mascara It just an amazing product I would consider it sustainable since all you need is to refill their mascara.  

Jontéblue Professional Art Make-up: Liquid eyeliner 24 hour

My neighbor who loves makeups as much as I do. She gave me this liquid eyeliner. I never heard of the brand before but she told me she got it in one of her Ipsy monthly makeup bags. I'm impressed with how long-lasting it's and it doesn't bleed so I'm quite hook-up with this and it's part of my makeup routine. 

That is all the makeup products I'm currently using during this pandemic. I'm not really using many lipsticks unless I'm inside at my house having a zoom meeting but overall we just need to use some creativity when it comes to makeup looks.

                                                                              Stay safe! xx

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