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Birthday Wishlist 2020


Hello, everyone, so as some of you know my Birthday is a week away (August 14) and well I will turn 25 years old now. 

I always do a wishlist on what I want so I feel like sharing a few things and add some few why. So for further ado, I will make some list.

Zippy cuff bracelet:

Zippy Cuff Louis Vuitton

I live by the "Rock n Roll" lifestyle while adding a bit of Vogue fashion. So yeah, I think this bracelet neat even tho I don't see myself on spending $670 so I'm currently searching a similar that wont cost me a femur or a kidney. 

Dolce Box Tote

It's no secret that I adore Dolce & Gabanna handbag especially when they flowers.

I may not get it on my birthday but I'm still hopeful that I will get it someday near in the future. 

Red Suede boots

I'm still searching the protagonist from Buffalo 66' (1998) by Vincent Gallo red boots. Like it has been years but this one will do tho while I keep searching the exact same replica. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel 

I keep forgetting to write the ABH Brow Gel but let me tell you it's amazing and I ran out due to how much I end up using it so yeah I will getting another one. I wish the tube was bigger so I could not ran out so fast. 

Beach Bunny Moxi Roller Skates

It's no secret that I love roller skating and I used to play roller derby!!!

I started roller skating during this pandemic and well I do know that I want to skate as much as possible and go back to the skating ramps. I don't know why I stop but this time I will challenge myself to start roller skating as much as possible and just jump the ramp.  


I'm currently on a weight loss journey so I don't find it that important at this moment until I reach my goals.

How to find second-hand luxury designer bag

Hello, everyone! Had you ever wished to have a well-known designer bag but you just want to be money savvy? Well luckily for you people call me the thrifting queen and as a thrifting queen, I enjoy having some designer items from bags to clothes.

I'm all for saving money and leave fewer carbon footprints so here are tips on where I find good prices of hand-bags.


I think the majority use Depop even I buy and sell stuff on Depop it's pretty easy to navigate and find what you exactly want but one of the cons sides of using Depop when it comes to finding an authentic designer bag is to be extra careful and ask the seller if it is legit and to show them the evidence that the item is actually authentic.  How can you know? Usually, when it comes to a high-end designer brand they always have a code inside their bags, a dust bag, and a card so ask for it, and if they don't have it make sure they show the receipt if not then leave it!

I personally don't use much Poshmark but people rave about it. Same as Depop when it comes to finding a luxury designer handbag. Read the seller detail description make sure that they're showing every part of the bag's condition and the authenticity. Again, if you're not quite sure if the bag is real or not ask the seller and trust your guts. If you are still not convinced google the name of the brand that you're looking for and search the word "how to spot a counterfeit purse". There you will find every single detail and one of the things they will tell you is that pay attention to the fabric how it sews and the logo.

A legit site where you can rest assured that they only sell high-end authentic bags. One of the things that I like about Rebag is that the expertise is well to make sure that they are selling you the real deal and they will tell you how the condition is plus if you sign up you will get a $200 off from your first purchases. Not so bad, right?

The Real Real

Okay, about almost three years ago I wrote an article about The Real Real you can check out the post by clicking [here] they're similar like Rebag everything is authentic and you need to be a member to sign in and see what luxury designer bags they have.  

I personally think that buying second hand especially designer brands is pretty cool and unique. Thrifting online is changing the game when it comes to buying things online and going to a physical store and now with COVID, I think it times to support buying second-hand and support small boutique and small business. 

Book review: Boy Parts by Eliza Clark

Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well!

I finally, like I freaking finally found a really good book to read during this quarantine and that is of course Boy Parts by Eliza Clark.

So where do I start with this? The protagonist Irina she is a photographer around her late 20's works in a dead-end job as a bartender. "She is offered an exhibition at a fashionable London gallery, with a promising to revive her career in the art world [...]" We see at the beginning of the first chapter Irina being late at her job with a hungover and so on...She receives an email that they want her to be part of an exhibition and she of course says yes (who wouldn't say no? We as an artist want exposure to survive this capitalist world.)

We get to see how her relationship with drugs and people she surround herself with goes to down the hill. Until understanding why she is a trainwreck and why she keeps making some questionable decisions until mid-ending of the book. I won't be spoiling much about this book because then I will be giving the magic away and I don't want that. Again this novel is amazing to the point that I think that Marquis De Sade may even enjoy this book and George Bataille would approve this novel.
Boy Parts breaks many taboos, we see Irina personality as a narcissism, somehow a dominatrix, lot of violence but it also has their funny moment and I can assure you that you will be holding this book tightly on wanting what going to happen next or knowing what going to happen next but still want to see (well, reading) that moment.  
So, if you are into some dark comedy exploring taboos region sexuality, gender role, and so on...This book is for you!

I do see myself adding Boy Parts on my upcoming thesis that I'm currently researching right now and I hope in the upcoming future Eliza Clark write more novels similar to Boy Parts (or add a sequel...I don't know but I do feel like Kylo Ren meme saying "more" several times).

Again, I highly recommend this book you can get it at Influxpress.com support indie writers and give some love to Eliza Clark you can follow her on her Instagram @fancyeliza and her Twitter @FancyEliza

Seriously, everyone, you should really, really, really, but really read this book it a rollercoaster not the emotional one but the rollercoaster where you are having fun.

AD| Shapewear bodysuit by Shapellx

Hello, everyone, today will be a sponsored post by shapellx.

Shapellx is a perfect place to get a nice different type of bodysuit and waist trainer selling the best quality for an affordable price. Most of their bodysuit and shapewear goes to a size small to 3-XL.

Not quite sure what should you get yourself? Well luckily, I will be mentioning the three items that I personally like about.

Thong Shapewear Bodysuit

AirSlim Backless Thong Bodysuit
There are different variations of the Thong Shapewear Bodysuit but I had to go for the AirSlim Backless Thong Bodysuit the reason why is because it's Summer and the heat can be a little bit too much. So This Backless Thong Bodysuit is just perfect since you can just wear some nice jeans or a maxi skirt and you're good to go!
The AirSlim Backless Thong Bodysuit has two colors black and nude and runs a size of small to 3XL and it runs around a 86% perfect fit. Right, now is on sale for only $49.50 (original price $82.00)

Waist Trainer for Women

Camouflage Double Straps Latex Waist Trainer
Okay, has anyone tried a waist trainer? Well, I personally had tried different waist trainer some of them don't give me the quality and others are just too uncomfortable to be on a longer period of time.
Luckily Shapellx has a different variety of Waist Trainer for Women and you can choose whatever you think will suit you.
I went for the Camouflage Double Straps Latex Waist Trainer since well I just went for the colors. I think it pretty and I like waist trainer that helps me hold my tummy a little bit more than all the waist trainer that I had tried on. Right now is on sale for only $64.80 (original price $108.00)

Not quite sure to begging with? luckily Shapllx can give you the answer on why you should buy their waist trainer

All their shapewear use fine quality materials and some of them even has a different purpose

NeoSweat 3-in-1 Waist and Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter
Take this as an example, maybe you just don't want a waist trainer you want more than that you want also something to help your tights and your butt. Just a nice butt lift and help you tone both your tights and your legs. Luckily Shapellx has that. On the upper image, the model is wearing a NeoSweat 3-in-1 Waist and Tight Trimmer Butt Lifter and runs a size from Small to 5XL. Right now is on sale for only $89.80 (original price $150).

If you need more information go and visit by clicking this link where it will direct you on the Best waist trainer

They have all the information that you need on why you should buy their waist trainer.

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GIFT AD| Rogers & Hollands

Hello, everyone, I hope many of you are doing well during this time.

I had been offered by this amazing opportunity on talking about rogersandhollands.com where you can find any type of jewelry whether is an engagement ring or a bracelet made with Botswana agate there are many, many, but many options to find on what you want.

So, it took me a few hours to find what I actually wanted, and lately, I've been drawn into simple yet minimalist with a mix of a witchy bohemian bracelet and I found the perfect bracelet that I wanted. I'm truly happy with my bracelet and I can't wait to show them off to my friends (with the social distance of course).

I personally enjoy super small details that aren't 100% noticeable and with this small heart, the charm is perfect. I personally do recommend checking rogersandhollands.com there are so many options to choose from!

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