Get to know me

Hello, there my name is Michelle and I was born on August 14, 1995, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I will be posting makeup, fashion, and many more things

The reason I created broke but flawless it all started as an inside joke with a friend of mine until I ask myself "what if I create my own blog and share the thing that I love with many people around in this world?" and that how broke but flawless was born. I do hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to talk to me.
I'm a graduated aesthetician and makeup artist I will be mixing drugstore and high-end brands reviews, probably money-saving once I stop being broke, maybe makeup looks, books reviews and so much more.


Instagram: Ladamedechat

Twitter: blancmodenuit


  1. Nice to meet you Michelle! I love your blog header so simple but so pretty! Ellis x //

    1. Hi Ellis! I saw your blog and it truly cute and magical! If you're wondering where I got the blog header I got it from here I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  2. Hey Michelle! Its Meg from DeadOnArrival--you should most definitely write a letter to your younger self! I'd love to read it!