Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hemp dreams mud mask [review]

Hemp dreams mud mask

 Hello, everyone, it been awhile since I have reviewed a product but now I have no excuse but to review this mud mask.

I found this hemp mud mask at CVS I was a bit skeptical since I personally don't trust anything that says hemp, kush, or cannabis beauty product outside of the dispensary but since it was on those sale where you buy three mask and the other three are free I just went with the why not.

As far as I remember I never tried a mud mask in general so I found the perfect opportunity to try it. What I personally like this mud mask it that it has green tea and cannabis sativa seed oil. I was dealing with bit of redness on my skin due to stress so knowing that it contain sativa I knew that it would help to calm my skin. The mud mask doesn't really smell it more like a faint smell that it doesn't even bother. So it's something I enjoy when it comes to hygiene products that doesn't smell.

According to the instruction I should apply a thin layer of the mud mask which I dint do it until mud mask started to dry but I felt like a nice cooling sensation so I waited for around 15-20 minutes to rinse off the mud mask with lukewarm water. I have to say I'm quite surprise that it dint really scam me.
My tired face
It did clarify my skin even tho there was a bit of redness but it wasn't nothing extreme. I do see myself buying this product again and I do hope to try more of this type of beauty hemp products. It was quite an interesting experience it nourish my skin and I'm still impress over how the oil hemp worked on my skin.

                                                         (this product is not sponsored)

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