Friday, June 16, 2017

Necromancy Cosmetica

Photographer by Jo Cosme
Hello, everyone, this past week has been hectic from working on an internship, dealing with the transcript to moving into a new apartment. About two weeks ago or so Necromancy Cosmetica had a grand opening of their store so I knew I had to mark down the calendar knowing that I heard that they changed their formula (or something like that) and I need to check out their store ASAP, their store is AMAZING.

To give a bit of information about Necromancy Cosmetica.
Necromancy Cosmetica is an indie cruelty-free brand made in Puerto Rico they sell artisanal lipstick from witchy nude to wild color they started about 3 years ago selling their lipstick on the internet, I think I discover them by one of my favorite YouTuber by Jkissamakeup when she mention they are from Puerto Rico I knew that I had to check them out so I end purchasing one of their lipsticks about a year ago [you can check it out here by clicking here]

I'm super impressed with their new packaging design, I love every single detail it shows a lot of improvement and I'm just completely in love with the sleeping macabre chick also kudos for the free stickers I'm a sticker collector.

What I purchased at their store is one of the best-selling Specter and oh no Nancy!  When I swatched at their store it was super smooth and less rough than the one that I purchased last year and their lipstick are bigger and more products than before, Also they got rid of that strong smell so whatever they did I'm impressed and I will definitively go to their store again it may be far away from where I live but the trip will be worth it.

I'm still super impressed on how much they changed from over a year from when I discovered them, details are always important to impress any customer, I love from their packaging to something simple yet catchy about their bullet lipstick design, I can't find any con so I will write pro.

- Cruelty-free
- Lot of lipstick color range
- Great customer services both online and store
- Super pigmented
- Decent price

5 out of 5
They left me a huge impression and I can't wait to buy more from them.


  1. This is a very interesting brand and I'm in love with their packaging! :) x
    Ellis //

    1. I really like their product and their costumer services is amazing (also their store). xo


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