Monday, January 16, 2017

Kat Von D ink liner!!!

Hello everyone lately I've been fighting on what should I post but I finally decided to post about Kat Von D tattoo liner that many of people are recommend me.
I asked myself if it worth on spending $20 on a liquid eyeliner? Well I wrote a review so you decide on spending $20 over an eyeliner.

The Kat Von D ink! liner comes with a beautiful design box that is obliviously screaming KVD!the eyeliner is waterproof and it have 055mL/0.019fl. 0z so it should last depend on the use for a year or at least 8 month with good care of course, what impress is that it's waterproof (well it say waterproof), easy to glide on, the tip is a miracle so it doesn't frey the tip.
The size of the eyeliner is okay I was expecting bit bigger but it's on a perfect size I'm still not sure if I should invest more money on KVD tattoo liner the product is great and I have no complain overall but I can't see myself at this moment buying another tattoo liner unless they are on sell.
Like I said it's easy to use the tip feel so smooth and I like how you can glide the tattoo if you want small line or big one you can control the way you want too.
Overall I'm impress with the product I think it's the first liquid eyeliner that have not disappoint me so far but I will still do the hunt finding the perfect liquid eyeliner that I can die for while making myself some wing liner and slay everyone.

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