Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dirty work detox mud mask review

Hi everyone!
I have been excited to talk about a new beauty product that I had been using for several weeks and that is dirty work detox mud mask.

The packaging is super cute I really love how they put vintage yet modern. According to my research dirty work is cruelty free and I personally prefer anything that is either vegan or cruelty-free products since I believe animal testing is not necessary,

Smell and texture: The smell does not bother me at all and I'm quite pleased it have a very light smell and it smell like blueberry with green tea. The cream is quite grey-ish almost white some people say it have like a mint color but I see it grey-ish. Now it spread nicely and smooth so a little goes a long way (yay!) my skin is normal so I can't say much for other skin type.

I really, really love the texture as I said it's quite smooth and easy to apply so no need to use half of the bottle.
It dries around 10-15 minutes so that mean your skin got all the nutrient from the product and I personally like to wash it off with warm water to open up my pores.

 So here is my before and after my skin look much fresh and glowly I personally use it once every once a week before I go to bed. I do recommend this product and I hope you all love it as much as I do.

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