Sunday, September 11, 2016

Lime Crime pumpkin velvetines review

Hello fellow readers!

Finally, finally! I have one of the lime crime infamous lime crime velvetines!
About a month ago (August 17, 2016) there was a flash sale in HauteLook and one of the flash sale was of course Lime Crime and I knew I need to snatch one of their velvetines. Sadly I could manage to buy one due their shipping was bit too pricey plus I had to pay my local tax (boo!!!).

How do I begin this? I'm so so so but sooo in love with this color it's perfect for the fall perfect some of my eyeshadow palette collection and perfect for my everyday look. I thought that the color would have more orange tone than red but it more like a red than a orange not that I'm complaining any red lipstick is a beautiful red lipstick.

I like the wand since it's pretty easy to apply on your lip and the liquid lipstick dries pretty quickly. Now I understand what was the hype all about and I wish I made some purchases sooner. Many people said that their velvetines smell like cake batter or frosty cake on my case it doesn't really smell anything not even chemical (good thing it doesn't smell like chemical) but it doesn't really bother me at all either way I'm still happy with my late birthday present.

Liked I said it have more red tone than orange but still have the color of pumpkin. I can't find anything negative about this liquid lipstick there too many pro and zero con.
                                                                   It's certified cruelty-free
                                                                  Long last wearing
                                                                 Makes you look like you're about to conquer the world.

I'm definitely gonna buy it again and of course more velvetines color and whatever Lime Crime throw since I find their makeup unique and a fair price for what I'm paying for.

To check more of their product go to

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