Friday, June 10, 2016

Nails art inspiration + art

Hello there fellows readers,

Few days ago I got inspired to do strawberry nail art by the lovely Suvarna Gold and I think it turn out quite well but I think Suvarna did it better me haha.

I also decided to do a bit of twist but of course it din't turn out looking a strawberry nail art but I kinda like it.

At least it match on of my painting that I did few months ago.
The original post from of the Strawberry nail art inspiration Click here for the original post

Lately I've been giving bit love to my bamboo tablet and learning how to use it since my favorite art store is closed until August and I changed of university so I will have to find a good place to buy art supplies with discounts but in the mean time I will be practicing digital art. :)

                                               Melanie Martinez pity party

                                  Young adult Chibi Moon

I will be posting my art in Deviant art

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  1. Thanks dear :D
    Love your nails. Super fresh :D

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