Saturday, June 4, 2016

Crazy makeup of the week

A few days ago I decided to play around with my makeup and do something crazy so this week I decided to do glam glitter goth just for fun and to annoy my mom of course and I had to admit that I actually liked it. So I will try to do some weekly crazy makeup and hopefully not run out of ideas.

 Would I wear it if I'm going somewhere? Nope not even entering to hot topic unless it's Halloween.

Wet n wild foundation
Lime crimes venus palette eyeshadow
E.L.F. cosmetic cinderella liquid eyeliner and liquid glitter eyeliner
NYC white liner
NYX cosmetic cold grey liquid lipstick & red liquid lipstick
Wet n wild green nailpolish


  1. i love this look :) so different, i like it.

    sure, let me know if you tried the nail art :)

    STRAWBERRY JAM nail art-post here

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    Stay Gold

  2. Ohn, super original and so trendy :D Keep it up :D

    I'm following you :D Can you follow me back? <3

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    1. Hello I just check your blog and I really like it especially your fashion taste <3
      Also I just followed you back! :D
      Take care xo!

  3. Thanks my dear :D

    Just in love with your lipstick color :D

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