Friday, May 13, 2016

Yopo wig first impression

Hello there reader in this past few weeks I had been quite offline in all my social media until now since I was quite busy making myself a cosplay.

Few days ago my wig finally arrived after a week or two waiting to arrive since this year I'm going to comic-con Puerto Rico and I will be cosplaying Sailor Jupiter because right now I have my fever of sailor moon again just like when I was a kid.

The wig looks real and it made of synthetic fibers that make it look like real human hair and from what I paid for it's totally worth the price the only con is that it did not came with a wig cap it would  been nice if it came with a wig cap.
You can get it here at amazon click here
And the Sailor Jupiter tiara that is not homemade because I couldn't find the material but either way I made a purchase and I'm happy from what I paid for also super fast shipping & good quality  Sailor Jupiter tiara

I hope you all having a wonderful month and who is your favorite fiction character?

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