Monday, March 7, 2016

City color cosmetic reviews (=^・ェ・^=)

Hello dears kitten today I'm gonna review two products from city colors cosmetic. I have to say that the product that I got I wasn't pretty disappointed rather pleased.

What is city color cosmetic?
City of color is a cruelty-free brand that is also quite affordable to buy, I'm not quite sure if it easy to find in any store or in drug store in general.

What I got myself few days ago is their contour palette and their primer.

I'm quite pleased with their primer I think so far it's one of the best face primer that I have used it doesn't have oil, doesn't smell like some burn plastic, paraben-free and it last quite long from what I expected but doesn't beat ELF primer but it does beat M.A.C cosmetic face primer.
Their contour I just love it! It's so far the first contour palette that I ever own and I just like it I'm no contour expert but they give you instruction on how to contour your face.

They tell you on what each color works on your face for what and that pretty great for the beginners who are entering to the world of contour, I may had step on the makeup game hopefully in the near future I master the contour game.
Their colors are quite soft but pigmented (in a good way not in a clown way) now the tiny double brush I find it bit quite useless it takes lot of products but it doesn't put on your face and I find it bit annoying that in the end I had to use my finger because I don't have any good sponge but everything works quite well.

First pic not contour                                                        second pic contour 

Contour palette 

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