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NYX: Honey dew me up [review]

Enjoy the fake grass from my patio

Wow, it been a while since I reviewed any cosmetics products!

A few weeks ago I purchased NYX honey dew me up primer/serum at first I was quite skeptical since it cost $17 and so far I haven't fully married any NYX products but I've been searching for a really good primer that does not crease my foundation so here are my thoughts about this products:

-For $17 I find it a bit too much for a drugstore products
- I still don't know what does flaky gold do but it doesn't give me the shimmer on my face which is a good thing for me with and without foundation
- The serum works wonderfully but I don't think it works as a primer since it kinda gave me the "crease" on my nose area
- I have a mixed feeling with the spatula. I prefer products that you don't have to make skin contacts (you know what I mean?)
- Lately, I'm not wearing foundation due to the heat is so bad and I haven't found a really good primer but I like how this product makes my face look smooth and refines the pores
- A little goes a long way!

I would rate this products 3.4/5

I think it should improve a bit like instead using a spatula use some those pump thingy and take out the word "primer" and just leave the word "serum"
Overall the product isn't that bad. I'm not quite sure if I would purchase this product again but I enjoy using it for now.

Things that they don't tell you about the niche

We all seen many posts about finding your own 'niche' which is a great help from the many posts I've read before.

Ever felt that you think you found your 'niche' but it kinda outgrew on you? no longer feeling writing a beauty review, fashion, food, lifestyle, and etc..? It okay. Sometimes we think we have or we got to have one niche (nothing wrong having one niche). There are moments when we feel like no motivation on blogging due to the pressure of succeeding like many other bloggers that we know but remember they also felt the same thing as you're feeling now. The constant pressure of doing a weekly post, finding the picture perfect, editing and oh so many things that we the blogger constantly struggle. 

When I started this blog I thought it would only be just makeup reviews and I tried my best to write a weekly post, try to buy new products every week and etc...But I put myself an unrealistic expectation I personally can't buy beauty products every week and write the exact same thing. So I decided to dip a bit and try new things so in the end I expand a bit of my niche and went to write lifestyle I still write makeup but not as usual as before.

Don't get the pressure of having to write the same thing especially from the same brand whether is Lush, Lime Crime, the same jean that hasn't been washed in a month, from whatever your writing. Yeah, I know you want that brand to recognize you as an influencer but try to mix a bit on your blog SPICE IT UP!  

Self-portrait and unknown unfinished drawing

Don't be afraid of taking a break from blogging it's exhausting doing everything from taking pictures, editing, writing, publishing and promoting. I don't have to explain this. It's simple to take a break it's not the end of the world from taking a break from the world of blogging. 
I'm sure that you're saying "okay, Michelle but what about the niche how to increase my traffics?"
Well, as the algorithm keeps being a total bitch all I can say promote your post on your Instagram use hashtags and on Twitter, I personally use buffer it a bit pain in the ass since they changed twitter policy so I have to every week repost all the post manually. Read other bloggers posts and write a comment on their post with a link to your blog!  They will appreciate that you took your time to read their post and I'm assured that they will return the favor also for the love of Persephone interact with other bloggers on twitter plus try and participate on those twitter bloggers where they help other bloggers to promote their blogs.

As the blogging community change for the better or for the worst, it all depends. In order to avoid a bad reputation, drama or whatever the blogging community is going to throw all I can say ignore it and keep writing, keep trying new things, don't be afraid on expanding or keeping one niche. It's your blog and I'm pretty sure you will be fine.

Being a misfits

Old unfinished drawing by me.
Ever felt like you don't fit in some sort of particular place, things or just basically everything?

We all heard the word "misfits". Maybe, the first things that pop on your mind are the TV British show from BBC or this 70's punk band (Jerry Only is a sweetheart and I would love to see them play again) well from whatever you heard that word you end up asking yourself "what am I?" well then you're you. The reason why I'm writing this particular post because there are moments where I realized I don't fit in on many social circumstances in the blogging communities talking about the Kardashian and the Jenner for example that I honestly, don't really care about their life same goes for the so-called girl gang or #girlboss at first I thought it was empowering women regardless of their social class, ethnic, whatever background they are living but then I start noticing they're not including (from what I've seen) woman of colors, plus-size and the transgender. I start feeling left out and I end up asking myself "is it my latina background?" my question hasn't been answered but I hope that the girl gang/ #girlboss start uplifting and empowering on what suppose to do not just one type of girl but many other girls from a different background and ethnic.

I'm used being the "weirdo" the "misfits" or the whatever label they put, in fact, I don't really care much at all. I at least know who I'm and I'm still discovering myself more. I'm aware of my no filter, my jokes that most are pretty dark (oh so edgy) and I just don't like sugar coating. 

Being the weirdo is cool. You don't have to fit in some certain niche in the blogging community, in fact, you don't have to force yourself on reading the exact same damn brand post that everyone is hyping around, following every single blogger that you probably won't remember or simply don't like their blog. The best thing about being a so-called "misfit" is that you're standing out from the blogging community, you're sharing your creativity around the world and you should be damn proud of it regardless how popular you're.
Surround your self with positivity and if you can't find anyone that you can't connect with that okay soon you will meet some rad people online because, in the end, someone out there will like the way that you're.
-Stay weird.
(if you're a fiend let play some cool song from them)

Hit or miss?

Hello, everyone, I feel like writing what makeup I've been using that left me some impression and if they're worth it or not.

I found a new SPF that I've been wearing quite a lot lately and that is botanic it controls my oil and my shine and since the day I did that purchased I've been wearing nonstop I do recommend anyone wearing an SPF especially during this Summer the botanic SPF is 15 unfortunately, I haven't found a higher SPF number but so far so good.

Wet n wild goth-o-graphic: I know I'm super late on the game after dealing so many things I haven't got the time to write a post about it so I will say it quick the loose highlighter powder is totally worth it especially for a night-o-look the eyeshadows are good too I do recommend to use primers and eyeshadow so it can last longer.

Kat Von D ft Green Day basket case: again, late on the game and yeah I'm aware of the fiasco but I feel like sharing my opinion on the basket case guyliner. I LOVE IT!!! Makes me go to a very throwback early 2000's when my go to look was the raccoon eyes with a very emo hairstyle, I would definitely buy it again if they decided to sell them again and yeah I just love heavy eyeliners and Green Day.

Banana powder: yeah that the name of the brand someone gave it to me I personally like it when it comes to contouring and baking but I don't use it that much but hopefully I will give a bit more love

Too Face hangover face primer and setting spray: I'm a bit with a mixed feeling with this spray, I like the smell but I feel like it left me more oily so I guess I have to keep finding a good cruelty-free setting spray.

NYX liquid eyeliner: I lost the red one but here is the pink one. I don't hate it but I have to reapply several hours later or it will start cracking so I definitely won't be buying one again in the meantime.

Wet n wild lip liners: they are good in case of emergency when some of my lipsticks decided on not to last long they are my savior, I may be buying more of this.

Wet n Wild eyebrow mascara: I don't paint my eyebrows I like to keep it fully natural but with this mascara makes me feel a bit groomed I will be buying more of this eyebrow mascara and I do hope they release colors one too.

NYX angel veil primers: I find it quite okay but I feel like it doesn't hold against the humidity so I will be searching for another face primer.

Urban Decay pervision mascara and eyeliner: I never bother buying high-end mascara I find them quite the same but since it was a gift well obviously I would be using it. The mascara is just like any other mascara that you would find at the drugstore so it's not a big deal and the eyeliner well it does last and I like how it can give me my emo heavy looks.

Lisa Franks angle brush: I personally love this brush the bristle are super soft and easy to clean plus it does hold a lot of the makeup products I may get another Lisa franks brush if it stops being sold out.

Being single in your 20's

Being single on your 20’s is totally okay is not the end of the world feeling that you will be an old hag and die alone with 20 something cats in some small apartment in New York City.

Many of us are still single for whatever the reason and we haven’t found the right person and you know that totally okay it gives us times for ourselves. We do feel the pressure of the society telling us to go and find our Prince Charming, your shiny knight or whatever and we see our friends having lots of dates or already have a partner, but you will find someone someday maybe not today but somewhere soon you will finally meet someone whom you can connect with.

Here are things that made me realize being single in my 20’s.

    Many of us will be moving different direction and that is okay

I read an article on bustle which I will be putting a link down below and I quote “There will be times when you might be pulled in one direction or another.” – Lea Rose Mary
I do sometimes feel that I’m like stuck when it comes to my love life like I can’t find the right person and that I will be all alone and see my friends being with their partners being so lovey-dovey makes me want to crawl and hide under my sheet but then I remember one time I have this professor where she told me and my other classmate to go and travel without any commitment you will discover so much about yourself and to be honest I want to do what she is doing travelling around the world seeing a lot of history in the old country and just enjoy life and not to worry about being single.

                                           I never have ever…

Okay, I never have ever had sex ¯\_()_/¯   it totally okay that you never got your first date, kiss, sex, love confession or just anything in general. You’re still discovering yourself. Love your self-don’t go in a pity party because you didn't get your first kiss at the age of 15 or 16 or never been asked to go to a prom so don’t shame yourself for not having those things you will get it maybe not the prom unless you’re still in High School, but I mean like a first kiss so enjoy yourself while being single.

                                            Don’t lower your expectation

Seriously, don’t. Don’t you ever, ever lower your expectation. You’re so much worth than what you are putting up too. Don’t just go with someone who is not attractive in your eyes, don’t just swipe all rights on your tinder account that doesn’t mean stop dating but don’t just randomly go with some guy or girl that you are not even into. Yeah, I’m picky too I do have my ideal men just like everyone else but for me, one of the important trait from physical to intelligence is that he must be taller than me. (I’m 5’8) and there are moments when I decided to wear wedges and high heels, must speak around 2-3 languages, good at math because in the end who will help me do my taxes? And last and not least must be able to carry me. That just my ideal partner.

                                                        Put yourself first.

This one is similar like ‘don’t lower your expectation’ You need to learn to love yourself and many of us who are still in our 20’s is still in college, have a crappy job or unemployed and looking for a job, around the 80% still live with their parents and the 99% are broke AF (hey, that me!). Go to a local coffee shop and order some coffee and just chill or invite some of your friends or talks to barista, I know it sounds very cliché but I’ve met so many wonderful people in a coffee shop and they tell me their story like one of my favorite barista told me his mission impossible searching and travelling across the island to buy himself a PS4 another is an old lady who retired who knows how long tells me her youth moments when she and her husband met, her travels, her long family that are all gingers and her artwork and other people that I have met along there.


Be open and go have some fun doesn’t mean that you will have to be their boyfriend or girlfriend to that person just keep meeting people and who knows you may find the right person. Maybe your first date was horrendous because that person is nothing like their Tinder profile except the picture because you used to watch Catfish from MTV and you are no fool to that, but their bio is nothing resembling their personality. You are not the first nor the last that have or had a bad date been there and survived and every time I think about my bad date I just laugh it off with my friends telling them about the ‘soup’ and try to scare me with a horrible scary movie that wasn’t ever scary. In the end just be open maybe you went on a date and it went well…

                                                                   In the end

Even if you are no longer in your 20’s and still single that doesn’t mean that you’re a boring and not an attractive person. Life is strange that for sure and society likes to rub us their expectations in our faces but all I can say is love yourself, learn new things in life if you don’t feel like ready to mingle that totally cool no need to mingle. One of the important parts of life is loving yourself.

[Bustle: 9 Things No One Tells You In Your 20s But I will]