Sunday, November 26, 2017

Christmas wishlist 2017

Christmas wishlist

Hello, everyone, it has been awhile that I haven't posted anything here due to post-Maria Hurricane that pretty much left me without any type of communication.

December is around the corner and special deals are popping up everywhere from Black Friday to Cyber Monday so I honestly don't know any more deals but they just show up. This year I felt like not asking too much aside art supplies because...

1.) I'm an art student

2.) Art products are expensive af
So further ado I'll be mentioning on what I pin on my Polyvore.

The Sims4 pets: I love Sims I could play sims all day without realizing the time I pretty much wasted playing sims so adding an expansion pack would be pretty neat. 

Lisa Frank angle brush & blending brush: I haven't purchased any Lisa Frank since I mentioned on my last birthday wishlist (shame on me) so hopefully I will buy these for myself.

Crear Beaute- Sailor Moon miracle romance Makeup eyeshadow flat style: Can the title be a little bit longer? Okay, okay everyone knows that I love Sailor Moon and I enjoy collecting Sailor Moon merchandise and adding makeup plus Sailor Moon is a win-win and I don't have to explain why but those who are into Sailor Moon makeup and other Asian brands I would suggest you it a perfect place to buy from Sailor Moon, Sanrio, The Rose of Versailles, Pokemon, Etude House, Dragon Ball Z and etc..There for a fair price the only thing I can say pay attention there are moment when they drop the price or throw a huge sale.

Lime Crime: I think Lime Crime is so far one of my favorites lipsticks brands I really like their shades and their formula. I'm aware of their controversy so maybe I'll write an article why I still purchase lime crime.

Copic sketch markers:...Holy grails they're the ultimate holy grail for all those who enjoy markers they are the best. If Santa gives me the Copic sketch skin tones markers I swear I will be the happiest girl in my art university. I've been using Copic sketch markers for years and I have tried different brands but nothing beat Copic sketch it's a huge investment but totally worth it. 

Funko- Leon S. Kennedy: 1.) I love Resident Evil 2.) Leon is my favorite character from Resident Evil and this one is from Resident Evil 4 one of my favorite games from them. #husbando 

Do you have a wishlist for this year?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I survived the Hurricane Maria

Hey, everyone it been a month since my last post.

I'm okay that all I have to say I'm okay. I think that I'm okay.

I don't think I will ever be myself after the Hurricane. Having a Hurricane in less than two weeks in a row it's both mentally and physically exhausted but Maria really hit me to the point that it been a month where I still don't have water and electricity where my University had been half destroyed and still with no water and electricity, where my country most of us still have no access to basic needs where we don't  know what going on in our country and we only have to rely on one radio station, yes one single radio station that is on the air that how bad it's and if you're lucky enough to get the newspaper up to date call it a miracle...

Most of the supermarket is closed due to no electricity and or still cleaning the spoiled food.
The death toll is getting higher to the point we have to bury our loved one in our backyard.
Writing this post is hard.
 Puerto Rican is moving out of the island many of us lost so many things to the point we ask our self "How are we going to maintain our family if I lost my job?" Most of our answer is leaving our island.
We are tired, sad, angry, hungry, thirsty, bored and feeling on a never-ending time loop to the point we don't know if we should trust the rumors if the electricity will come back around December.

Is this dictatorship?
Some of us say yes, other no and I don't know

Did Trump fail on helping us?
Yes, yes he did. Treating us as if we where dogs throwing us bounty and only visiting one area where most of them are upper class.

How are you using the Internet?

By some miracle, I found it in a public place and it's quite early in the morning so I'm writing as fast as I can before many starts using the public wifi.

I can't write this anymore it's too painful from what I'm currently living in but I do hope that people take an example that Global Warming is real, racism is still alive as well and we still a colony and worst of all we been hit by a Category 5 we are still a colony under the worst Presidential.

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