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Is your friendship becoming toxic?

Hey, everyone, this post will be pointing out about toxic friendship (while being under the wheater because hey it flu season!). Toxic friendship is something we should talk more openly just like any toxic relationship. Sometimes there are moments where your own bestie becomes too toxic to the point they become on something I call "the vampire energy" where they basically suck all your energy and you just feel tired and or irritated and it SUCK!!! So let mention some few things if you're dealing with a toxic person and what can you do? 

Do they talk negative all the times from an XYZ person to the new generation where they play fortnight?
Do they listen to you?
Do they most of the time talking about the past especially their past?
Whenever you tell them something they are like glued on their phone?
Have they ever made you feel bad about yourself like your appearance?

The question is too many but if you feel so tired seeing them it better off on becoming distance to them. It may be hard regardless of the situation but taking your moment is important. Sure communication is great but if you feel like even communication is not working on both of you becoming distance to them is an important focus on other things in life like your job, school, friends, family. and hobbies alongside other things. A few days ago I was talking to my psychiatrist and I mentioned to her that I have this friend let call this person Salty and I was about to give this person a good new that I managed to do my philosophy presentation well but unfortunately this person didn't bother to listen to me instead wanted to give me a full story of a drama that I personally do not care so I felt pretty ignored and annoyed on something I work hard on for weeks and practicing my speech and praying on not to have a panic attack. She told me it better start becoming a bit distance and surround myself with positive people who will help me flourish and right now I'm working on it. I don't know how I'm going to end this post exactly but give yourself some time go and meet some new people or talk to that acquaintance more than before who knows if that person will help you in the future.

Shop luxury items on a budget while being ecofriendly with TheRealReal

Hello everyone, today I will be talking about this store called TheRealReal. TheRealReal is a luxury store where they sell well-known brands like Gucci for example and let be honest most of us drool to own a piece of luxury and that is totally okay no need to be shy about it we all heard and read oh so many articles about telling us  to “stop spending money on a $5 coffee on Starbucks” “stop buying a lot of things”, “learn to save some money” and so on…Well, it’s true that we need to save some money if we want something that is quite a luxury but I got some good news!
The photo was taken by Maria Michelle
TheRealReal offers great discounts in a lot of well-known luxury brands plus they’re second-hand luxury which is great for the environment and nothing is better than buying a second hand while knowing you’re helping the environment even if it a small impact but a small impact can lead to a bigger impact to the environment and teaching other on not to be afraid about second hand and educating about the environment can make the world a better future for us and those who will be part of the future and to be honest TheRealReal is totally worth to check them out for several different reasons they’re partner with Good+ foundation where they donate clothes and their mission is to break the cycle of poverty while keep most of the clothes out of the landfills. Do you know the second biggest pollution are clothes being thrown away into the landfill? Thanks to the fast fashion industry we buy more clothes made of cheap material and throw them away when it no longer useful and that is a big problem in the fashion industry. TheRealReal sell more than just a handbag like Gucci but also sell Kids clothes, Men clothes and other man items, home stuff, and so many stuff also if you sign up you will get a $25 of credits plus if you refer to your friend and your dear friend purchase from them with a $25 credit you will get a $125 of credit, pretty cool right? It basically a win-win situation you’re getting credit for sign in up, referring to a friend, getting a sweet discount on the store plus helping the environment. So, make sure to save up some money on that Gucci purse that you’re eying on for a while because it will be yours and who doesn’t love shopping while doing an environmental impact? Nothing is better than just buying guilt-free knowing that you’re making sure that the purse, clothes, jewelry, and other purchases that you made from them are not in the landfill and it got a new opportunity to be used. If you're interested in researching about the fast fashion industry and what can you do to help the environment there are many wonderful resources online always support a second-hand shop as I’ve been mentioning before helping the environment is important not just for us but also for the wildlife.

                                                   (This post is sponsored by TheRealReal)

The rise of Lime Crime a vegan & cruelty-free company

Hello, everyone today I will be talking (again) about Lime Crime. When we hear the company name like “Lime Crime” there are many things comes to our mind whether it something negative or positive to this company we all have or had some history with them before. I personally never had trouble with Lime Crime, in fact, most of my lipsticks are from them because I enjoy their formula and all their products are certified cruelty-free and vegan  and those are one of the few reasons why I still support them, for me finding a cruelty-free beauty products is hard due to where I live for example for me to visit Urban Outfitter is two hours away without traffics (totally not worth the drive!) so I personally rather just purchased online, searching other retail stores they usually lack brands that are cruelty-free and well I like supporting indie company trusting that their beauty products are vegan and cruelty-free. We all know Lime Crime have this very long history from the founder controversy to security breach hack since the founder Doe Deere step down from CEO and sold her company to Financo it was quite shocking when I found out that Doe stepped down plus selling her company one of the things I got worried was “is it going to stop being vegan and cruelty-free?” it was one of my worried due to seeing other well-known make-up brands selling themselves and stopped being animal friendly thankfully Doe Deere clarified that the company will be the same the only difference is that she is no longer CEO and the new person who is going to be managing the company is Kim Wall who has a lot of experience since the late 90’s. I’m looking forward to seeing more products maybe (hopefully) bring back some of the few old products like their liquid eyeliner.
Whatever happen in the past I personally still support them like I have mentioned before vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics are very important for me since I don’t see the reason why is important testing animal on many products since it 2018 we have a lot of advanced technology, anyway I still love Lime Crime I think they’re one of the few makeup companies who started selling “crazy unicorns lipstick colors” for everyone from grunge, Lisa Franks and to Bratz you know that their makeups are unapologetic giving you an awesome bold look plus look great in all skin color! Every product from Lime Crime gives you a story and for me it gives me this Lisa Frank and Bratz vibe where I can express myself from wearing a bold color to a nude one same goes for their holy grail their Venus palette one of my personal favorite eyeshadow palettes where I can just grab one of their color and good to go. I believe that Kim Walls will push Lime Crime to a better future with more products and still as the Lime Crime that we know now on the day but like I said it will be better and more magical than we know.

                                                                 (This blog is sponsored by Lime Crime)

NYX: Honey dew me up [review]

Enjoy the fake grass from my patio

Wow, it been a while since I reviewed any cosmetics products!

A few weeks ago I purchased NYX honey dew me up primer/serum at first I was quite skeptical since it cost $17 and so far I haven't fully married any NYX products but I've been searching for a really good primer that does not crease my foundation so here are my thoughts about this products:

-For $17 I find it a bit too much for a drugstore products
- I still don't know what does flaky gold do but it doesn't give me the shimmer on my face which is a good thing for me with and without foundation
- The serum works wonderfully but I don't think it works as a primer since it kinda gave me the "crease" on my nose area
- I have a mixed feeling with the spatula. I prefer products that you don't have to make skin contacts (you know what I mean?)
- Lately, I'm not wearing foundation due to the heat is so bad and I haven't found a really good primer but I like how this product makes my face look smooth and refines the pores
- A little goes a long way!

I would rate this products 3.4/5

I think it should improve a bit like instead using a spatula use some those pump thingy and take out the word "primer" and just leave the word "serum"
Overall the product isn't that bad. I'm not quite sure if I would purchase this product again but I enjoy using it for now.

Things that they don't tell you about the niche

We all seen many posts about finding your own 'niche' which is a great help from the many posts I've read before.

Ever felt that you think you found your 'niche' but it kinda outgrew on you? no longer feeling writing a beauty review, fashion, food, lifestyle, and etc..? It okay. Sometimes we think we have or we got to have one niche (nothing wrong having one niche). There are moments when we feel like no motivation on blogging due to the pressure of succeeding like many other bloggers that we know but remember they also felt the same thing as you're feeling now. The constant pressure of doing a weekly post, finding the picture perfect, editing and oh so many things that we the blogger constantly struggle. 

When I started this blog I thought it would only be just makeup reviews and I tried my best to write a weekly post, try to buy new products every week and etc...But I put myself an unrealistic expectation I personally can't buy beauty products every week and write the exact same thing. So I decided to dip a bit and try new things so in the end I expand a bit of my niche and went to write lifestyle I still write makeup but not as usual as before.

Don't get the pressure of having to write the same thing especially from the same brand whether is Lush, Lime Crime, the same jean that hasn't been washed in a month, from whatever your writing. Yeah, I know you want that brand to recognize you as an influencer but try to mix a bit on your blog SPICE IT UP!  

Self-portrait and unknown unfinished drawing

Don't be afraid of taking a break from blogging it's exhausting doing everything from taking pictures, editing, writing, publishing and promoting. I don't have to explain this. It's simple to take a break it's not the end of the world from taking a break from the world of blogging. 
I'm sure that you're saying "okay, Michelle but what about the niche how to increase my traffics?"
Well, as the algorithm keeps being a total bitch all I can say promote your post on your Instagram use hashtags and on Twitter, I personally use buffer it a bit pain in the ass since they changed twitter policy so I have to every week repost all the post manually. Read other bloggers posts and write a comment on their post with a link to your blog!  They will appreciate that you took your time to read their post and I'm assured that they will return the favor also for the love of Persephone interact with other bloggers on twitter plus try and participate on those twitter bloggers where they help other bloggers to promote their blogs.

As the blogging community change for the better or for the worst, it all depends. In order to avoid a bad reputation, drama or whatever the blogging community is going to throw all I can say ignore it and keep writing, keep trying new things, don't be afraid on expanding or keeping one niche. It's your blog and I'm pretty sure you will be fine.