Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Being a misfits

Old unfinished drawing by me.
Ever felt like you don't fit in some sort of particular place, things or just basically everything?

We all heard the word "misfits". Maybe, the first things that pop on your mind are the TV British show from BBC or this 70's punk band (Jerry Only is a sweetheart and I would love to see them play again) well from whatever you heard that word you end up asking yourself "what am I?" well then you're you. The reason why I'm writing this particular post because there are moments where I realized I don't fit in on many social circumstances in the blogging communities talking about the Kardashian and the Jenner for example that I honestly, don't really care about their life same goes for the so-called girl gang or #girlboss at first I thought it was empowering women regardless of their social class, ethnic, whatever background they are living but then I start noticing they're not including (from what I've seen) woman of colors, plus-size and the transgender. I start feeling left out and I end up asking myself "is it my latina background?" my question hasn't been answered but I hope that the girl gang/ #girlboss start uplifting and empowering on what suppose to do not just one type of girl but many other girls from a different background and ethnic.

I'm used being the "weirdo" the "misfits" or the whatever label they put, in fact, I don't really care much at all. I at least know who I'm and I'm still discovering myself more. I'm aware of my no filter, my jokes that most are pretty dark (oh so edgy) and I just don't like sugar coating. 

Being the weirdo is cool. You don't have to fit in some certain niche in the blogging community, in fact, you don't have to force yourself on reading the exact same damn brand post that everyone is hyping around, following every single blogger that you probably won't remember or simply don't like their blog. The best thing about being a so-called "misfit" is that you're standing out from the blogging community, you're sharing your creativity around the world and you should be damn proud of it regardless how popular you're.
Surround your self with positivity and if you can't find anyone that you can't connect with that okay soon you will meet some rad people online because, in the end, someone out there will like the way that you're.
-Stay weird.
(if you're a fiend let play some cool song from them)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Hit or miss?

Hello, everyone, I feel like writing what makeup I've been using that left me some impression and if they're worth it or not.

I found a new SPF that I've been wearing quite a lot lately and that is botanic it controls my oil and my shine and since the day I did that purchased I've been wearing nonstop I do recommend anyone wearing an SPF especially during this Summer the botanic SPF is 15 unfortunately, I haven't found a higher SPF number but so far so good.

Wet n wild goth-o-graphic: I know I'm super late on the game after dealing so many things I haven't got the time to write a post about it so I will say it quick the loose highlighter powder is totally worth it especially for a night-o-look the eyeshadows are good too I do recommend to use primers and eyeshadow so it can last longer.

Kat Von D ft Green Day basket case: again, late on the game and yeah I'm aware of the fiasco but I feel like sharing my opinion on the basket case guyliner. I LOVE IT!!! Makes me go to a very throwback early 2000's when my go to look was the raccoon eyes with a very emo hairstyle, I would definitely buy it again if they decided to sell them again and yeah I just love heavy eyeliners and Green Day.

Banana powder: yeah that the name of the brand someone gave it to me I personally like it when it comes to contouring and baking but I don't use it that much but hopefully I will give a bit more love

Too Face hangover face primer and setting spray: I'm a bit with a mixed feeling with this spray, I like the smell but I feel like it left me more oily so I guess I have to keep finding a good cruelty-free setting spray.

NYX liquid eyeliner: I lost the red one but here is the pink one. I don't hate it but I have to reapply several hours later or it will start cracking so I definitely won't be buying one again in the meantime.

Wet n wild lip liners: they are good in case of emergency when some of my lipsticks decided on not to last long they are my savior, I may be buying more of this.

Wet n Wild eyebrow mascara: I don't paint my eyebrows I like to keep it fully natural but with this mascara makes me feel a bit groomed I will be buying more of this eyebrow mascara and I do hope they release colors one too.

NYX angel veil primers: I find it quite okay but I feel like it doesn't hold against the humidity so I will be searching for another face primer.

Urban Decay pervision mascara and eyeliner: I never bother buying high-end mascara I find them quite the same but since it was a gift well obviously I would be using it. The mascara is just like any other mascara that you would find at the drugstore so it's not a big deal and the eyeliner well it does last and I like how it can give me my emo heavy looks.

Lisa Franks angle brush: I personally love this brush the bristle are super soft and easy to clean plus it does hold a lot of the makeup products I may get another Lisa franks brush if it stops being sold out.
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