Monday, September 18, 2017

What on my mind?

A lot of things are in my mind...
First dealing with the Hurricane Irma and now Hurricane Maria while knowing I'm behind with my school work wishing I could go back to class and get everything done.
It's Monday morning my cat is sleeping next to me while I'm writing anything that comes up in my mind while listening to The Bravery.

I'm planning on opening an Etsy store where I would be making handmade enamel pins mostly fandom stuff like Sailor Moon and Twin Peaks.

I'm considering on cancelling a trip that I was going next year on a cruise ship but what happens in St. Martin and other small island are on my no-no list.

I went to the bar first time with my aunt and we had fun chatting and talking about crap even tho she got bit tipsy I manage to stay sober but I think I finally found a beer that I like.

On October (hopefully, depending on how the damage was due to the Hurricane Maria) I'll be doing another giveaway of Sailor Moon on my Instagram. Must be following me.

I'm still waiting for my represent shirt that I'm excited to wear it and show it to one of my favourites woke bea.

Unfortunately, I won't have Christmas vacation thank to Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Do you like The Bravery?

Saturday, September 9, 2017

My Hurricane Irma experience

Hey, everyone, I feel like sharing my experience on what is like feeling on dealing (for better lack of word) with the Hurricane Irma who surpasses a Category 5 where they had to use the magnitude of an earthquake that how scary it was, we were not prepared for a category five especially on a very horrible economy that we're living in...But like many of us we say they only care if we win a gold medal during the Olympics and try to take our credit, pretend that they know the lyrics of despacito and fetishizing us after that calling us racial slur, forgetting geographically our location (how?!), making us pay double the taxes and receive very little, cutting us funds and last but not least because the list is long cutting public school, public hospital, cutting the scholarship, cutting public university and having more high rate of unemployment, suicide rates, drugs and violence...(No we are not like Venezuela but we're living in a dictatorship by the law called la promesa (the promise) and pretty much la junta is dictating us)

Many US news (FYI we're part of US territories we're one of the oldest colony in the world) rarely talked about my country (let not forget a news reporter called us Mexico, like bitch, do you even know where Mexico is?!?! Go back to elementary and learn some geographic). We were angry that what I could describe angry that they were not talking about my tiny island and the other Carribean who would be affected by a category 5. Yes, we do pity about Florida but what about us? Where our structure isn't the greatest, where there is a lot of poverty and we can't evacuate because we're an island....I think one of the irony is when Hurricane Harvey was going to pass to Texa everyone was paying attention to it and saying pray to Texa after they hit Texa and had the horrible flood we send our troop and donation but when they mentioned Hurricane Irma was going to hit us there was no pray and we only got very little coverage to nothing at all

After we heard that Barbuda and Saint Martin already got hit and many and lost pretty much everything we were speechless knowing that we were next and the only thing we could do was pray. I'm not a religious person and I don't even pray but I end up wishing it could move to North and far away that it won't hit us. Thankfully it moved more to the North than South but still end up affecting us not like Barbuda, Saint Martin, and other tiny islands but we still end up receiving damage. First thing I heard on my locals news there was a Tsunami warning in Humacao and they where evacuating those who lived there after that more evacuation in different areas. I go to my Facebook to see what the news few of my friends mention that there flood in their houses, lot's of palms tree and tree falling and one of them almost set on fire in my case I live exactly 5 minutes away  from a beach I could hear the ocean from my apartment I manage to stay calmed and wait that Hurricane Irma pass, we obviously lost power. Around 9:30 pm or so I decided to go to sleep, I rarely slept my cat and my dogs were scared of the sound of the wind the next day I realized we have no signal to communicate to our love one nor use data to checks the news. I spend at least two days without knowing what was happening during the world one of my neighbor told me that some few hospital don't have power, Mexico had an earthquake, damages as we were expecting. The humid was driving us crazy, Fast food was closed due no electricity and our food was turning spoiled I don't know how we manage to stay calmed.

I'm still mad that we didn't get many coverages and the only mention was Florida....Our thought and prayers still go to Florida but next time if we have another Hurricane please don't forget about us...

To donate to the victim of Culebra (Culebra is part of Puerto Rico)
Saint Martin:
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